Located on the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border, Bellingham is a growing city with I-495 running through.

This places Bellingham on the outer perimeter of the Boston metro area and provides the city with a commercial corridor that houses the recently updated Regal Cinemas and Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods branches…

Bellingham shares a border with the town of Woonsocket, RI, giving you easy access to important cultural attractions like the Stadium Theatre, a splendid movie palace turned center for the performing arts…

Away from the highway, Bellingham is a picturesque countryside, with the region’s largest bonsai nursery and various farms producing exceptional fresh produce and specialty items such as alpaca. 

1. GlenPharmer Distillery

GlenPharmer Distillery

A short distance from Franklin, this craft and distillery restaurant is located in the old Brookdale mill, built in granite circa 1883.

If you are interested in the technique of making high-quality spirits you can visit the GlenPharmer Distillery for a tour, and see the spectacular two-stage stainless steel and bronze steam distillers, as well as the combined stainless steel and Mash Tun 800/Lauter Tun fermenters.

The upscale tasting room pours these signature spirits, which also feature in the list of luxury cocktails, from Mai Tai to Gin Fizz.

The food menu is generally upscale, with lamb thighs, duck stew, and pan-seared tuna, as well as flatbreads, Nashville chicken sandwiches, and pulled pork.  

2. Cook’s Valley Farm

Cook’s Valley Farm

A regular at the Attleborough, Woonsocket, and Franklin Farmers Markets, this Wrentham farm also has a quaint little stall that you can visit.

In a tree-lined setting on remote West Street, Cook’s is a simple establishment that lets the premium fruits and vegetables speak for themselves.

Before your visit, you can check the harvest schedule on the farm’s website, which tells you when everything from corn (a local favorite) to blueberries, peppers, apples, pears, and squash is ready.

The stall also offers a selection of other homemade or locally sourced items, including honey, preserves, cider, corn stalks, and gourds.  

3. Franklin State Forest

Franklin State Forest

Along Bellingham’s eastern boundary are nearly 900 acres of secluded forest. What strikes you about the Franklin State Forest is how little this property has been developed for tourism; Instead, you can pass through deep rows of pines along winding roads and fire lines.

The remoteness attracts mountain bikers, who can tackle challenging trails as they skate through the woods.

At the southern end, the forest also houses the Southern New England Trunkline Trail (SNETT), a trail that begins here at Franklin and passes through Bellingham on the 22-mile route to Douglas.  

4. Regal Cinemas Bellingham

Regal Cinemas Bellingham

At the time of this writing, this cluster of 14 displays has just undergone a $6 million renovation.

This involved installing recliners in some of his stadium’s auditoriums and adding a bar, serving alcoholic beverages for the first time.

Perhaps the biggest change of all is the RPC Regal Premium Experience monitor, which features an oversized screen, premium digital projector, and uncompressed surround sound.

The theater is located in a commercial corridor along I-495, with Whole Foods, Old Navy, Michaels, Barnes & Noble, and Home Depot branches nearby. 

5. Walnut Hill Bowl

Walnut Hill Bowl

Just across the border in Woonsocket is one of the best bowling alleys for miles, with 32 state-of-the-art lanes.

The Walnut Hill Bowl also includes the cozy Back Alley Pub, which serves freshly baked pizza and burgers, but also has plenty of live music.

As with most modern bowling alleys, weekend nights after 9 p.m. are lively here, with the Cosmic Bowl bringing in black lights and party music. To play at a more affordable price, there are great value promotions on shoe and track rentals Monday through Thursday. 

6. New England Country Club

New England Country Club

Right on the MA-RI border, the New England Country Club has an exclusive-sounding name, but it’s a public arena, attracting players from across the region since opening in 1990.

Designed by Hale Irwin, this 18-hole championship golf course is set in a spacious setting, with roller coaster lanes surrounded by jungle. In keeping with the rural character, you might spot deer or foxes along the way.

There are four tees on each hole, each offering a different challenge, suitable for a variety of skill levels. You’ll be inspired by the scenery along the way, and it’s at its best late in the season during the fall months.  

7. Southwick’s Zoo

Southwick’s Zoo

About 15 minutes west of Bellingham brings you to Massachusetts’ largest zoo, set in more than 250 acres of oak woodland.

Opened in 1963, Southwick Zoo is still run by the Southwick and Brewer families and is home to more than 750 animals of more than 100 species, all raised in naturalist sanctuaries.

Exotic species include cheetahs, African leopards, Bengal tigers, lions, Brazilian tapirs, capybaras, white rhinos, and ostriches.

The zoo is famous for its collection of primates, the largest in the area, including squirrel monkeys, chimpanzees, ring-tailed lemurs, white-handed gibbons, and many more.

In addition to all of that, Southwick Zoo is a great day out for the family, with horseback rides, camel rides, a kid’s ranch, a 12-minute train ride, mazes, and plenty of rides for kids. 

8. St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center

St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center

Dubbed “America’s Sistine Chapel” by a magazine, this lavishly decorated neo-Renaissance church was built in the 1910s for the French-Canadian community of Woonsocket.

The architect is Walter F. Fontaine (1871-1938), born in the region and also of French descent.

The church closed in 2000 and was turned into a cultural center to help fund long-term conservation efforts. Don’t miss the chance to tour this building and enjoy what is believed to be the largest collection of frescoes in North America. Painted with detailed moldings, these dramatic paintings adorn the nave’s walls, barrel arches, as well as the junction, side passages, and back aisles.

Featuring 475 individual faces, all using locals as models, the piece was created by Italian-Canadian artist Guido Nincheri (1885-1973).  

9. The Big Apple Farm

The Big Apple Farm

In the same family since 1950, this 200-acre cider and fruit farm in Wrentham is a short but scenic drive from Bellingham along country roads.

The Big Apple Farm is open from June to December with a variety of seasonal activities. Topping the list are PYO blueberries in the summer, followed by apples in the fall, when you can ride hay up the hill.

The farm grows loads of other fruits, such as peaches, apricots, raspberries, blackberries, and cherries, as well as a variety of vegetables.

The farm stall is a must-see, baking apple donuts, pies, cookies, pies, and blueberry muffins, while stocking a wealth of local produce like honey, maple syrup, jam, and jelly. 

10. Urban Air Trampoline Park

Urban Air Trampoline Park

There’s a location for this national chain of indoor trampoline parks in Bellingham, ideal for kids and teens looking to burn off some energy.

Urban Air offers a variety of attractive options, including a large freestyle court, rock climbing wall, Gladiator-style battle beam, indoor ropes course, acrobatic trampoline, gymnastics track, pitching ring, and adventure course reminiscent of Ninja Warrior.

Each attraction has its own height requirements, but there’s something for little ones too, at the Multi-Level Tube Playground, helping toddlers develop fine motor skills and confidence. 

11. Silver Lake Park

Silver Lake Park

Created for industry some 200 years ago, beautiful Silver Lake became a resort town in the early 20th century. Cars take visitors to relax on the beach, boat and entertain with live music and other attractions. variety show.

With the decline of trams, Silver Lake has faded as a destination and has only been awarded a new lease since it was taken over by the town in the 1990s.

The park is on the south coast and the beach is monitored from late June through Labor Day.

Along with that, there is a large lawn area for picnics, as well as playgrounds for kids and adults, and a swimming pool. 

12. New England Bonsai Gardens

New England Bonsai Gardens

The largest bonsai nursery on the east coast is in Bellingham. Dating back to 1987, the New England Bonsai Garden spans eight vast acres, with eight separate greenhouses, one of which is the northeast’s oldest bonsai display.

You can come here to browse what might be the best bonsai in the country, complete with the most comprehensive selection of pots, tools, and other supplies.

There is also a wide range of educational programs, from an introduction for beginners to the two-year Kaikou Bonsai School. 

13. Stadium Theatre

Stadium Theatre

There’s a popular performing arts venue just minutes away in Woonsocket at this restored 1926-built vaudeville theater.

The Stadium Theater spent much of the 20th century as a cinema, before being restored in 2001 and reborn as a live entertainment stage.

Since then, famous artists such as Cher, Liza Minelli, and George Winston have appeared at the stadium, but the venue is also a major hub for the performing arts community, hosting dance groups, the stadium theater, and music.

Part of the fun of this place is the ornate decor in the lobby and auditorium, filled with intricate frescoes and gilded stucco work. 

14. The Beef Barn

The Beef Barn

In recent years, this popular steakhouse, founded in North Smithfield, RI, in 1969, has opened a second location in Bellingham.

Beef Barn’s menu has changed little in the past 50 years, aside from a handful of poultry options.

The beef is slowly cooked for eight hours and thinly sliced ​​to order of the day and the au jus is heated.

If you’re here for the first time, it goes without saying that the must-do on the menu is the roast beef sandwich, served on toast or toast. Prices are reasonable, considering the quality, and the classic sauce is homemade BBQ.  

15. Quissett Hill Farm

Quissett Hill Farm

This family farm near Mendon offers a wide variety of specialty dishes.

First, Quiset Hill Farm raises herds of alpacas for their superior fur, but they also produce their own high-quality maple syrup, as well as a variety of squash, including modern hybrids and ancient varieties. Cultivating.

Everything is open in the fall, and on certain days you can get up close to cute alpacas and visit the pumpkin farm to admire the amazing pumpkins and ornamental gourds. 

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