Jokhang Temple

The 1300-year-old Jokhang Temple is the spiritual center of Tibet.A constant wave of devout pilgrims prostrate outside is a testament


The Bund

An icon of Shanghai during the concession era, the Bund was the city’s Wall Street, the site of frenzied commerce


Potala Palace

Once home to the Tibetan government and winter residence of the Dalai Lama, the magnificent Potala Palace is Lhasa’s most


West Lake

The West Lake, the classical Chinese definition of beauty, is quite enchanting. Pagoda-crowned hills rise above willow-lined waters, and boats


Yungang Caves

One of the finest examples of Chinese Buddhist cave art, these 5th-century caves are truly spectacular. With 51,000 ancient statues


Gyantse Kumbum

Commissioned by a local prince in 1427 and located next to Parcho Monastery, Gyantse Kumbum is the city’s main attraction.


Summer Palace

A marvel of Chinese garden design and one of Beijing’s must-see attractions, the Summer Palace was a royal retreat for