BREATHTAKING Nature View Auckland! Top 10 Best Places To Visit In New Zealand

Top 10 best places to visit in New Zealand, the country that’s packed full of surprises consisting of two main islands it features endless picturesque landscapes and sceneries it also features lakes, mountains, and forests that are incomparable to other places while its nature should be the primary focus when you’re visiting the country don’t forget to give the same attention to the bustling cities. That is full of historical sites today we’ve rounded up a list of the top 10 best places to visit in New Zealand so stick around to find out more… Piha beach It is located on the west coast of Auckland and is a popular destination among both locals and tourists because it has something for all types of visitors locals prefer to head to Piha beach as it’s located not too far away from the city and it’s where they can spend a relaxing weekend to distress from their busy lives. One of the beach’s many appeals is its dark almost blackened sand surfing is one of the most popular water activities there, in fact, there are events and surf competitions that are held every once in a while. While the Piha beach is the ideal place to surf abseiling along the Piha Canyon is also something you should try sitting between Piha and North Piha the lion rock is climbable and gives a spectacular view of the landscape. The heavy surf and strong currents can make the Tasman sea dangerous at times so it’s recommended for swimmers and surfers to visit the beach during the summer when lifeguards around the beach are accessible by a 50-minute drive from Auckland. The Coromandel, peninsula When you first glance at the Coromandel peninsula you would think that it’s a remote island thousands of miles away from the nearest town. It’s located across the Hauraki Gulf in the pacific east of Auckland. it’s an isolated and secluded piece of land with craggy mountains hidden in the forest the peninsula houses one of the north island’s best golden beaches and magnificent coastal landscapes all ready to be explored. If you intend on going there start your journey by going to the small town of Thames and while you’re there don’t forget to make a pit stop at the hot water beach where you can dig your own hot bubbling pool and relax after a long day of traveling. The mining towns that line the western side is also worth a visit for years these towns have hosted people who love living an alternative lifestyle, that’s different from the usual and exhausting city life it’s one of the few places where you can find mountains crisscrossing walking tracks and trails. Mount cook national park When you first see Mount Cook National Park you won’t believe it’s a real place, it lies in the heart of the southern alps and boasts some of New Zealand’s highest mountains. You can explore the national park by going through the hooker valley walking track or taking a stroll along the hooker river it’s so quiet and echoey that just by standing and listening you will be able to hear the sound of glaciers cracking and moving. It’s an ideal place for people who love to hike and nature lovers the national park is part of the UNESCO world heritage site of Wahipounamu which is located in the southwest corner of the south island of New Zealand. If you don’t have enough time to visit all these places you can visit lake Tasman where you can see the reflection of Mount Cook as well as the giant icebergs in the water. Rotorua It is located on the lake’s banks with the same name Rotorua is one of the most active geothermal places in the world. It’s known for its many boiling hot pools volcanic craters and hot springs, that are scattered everywhere in the region the city is one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist attractions and you can see the hot steam and the smell of sulfur lingering in the air. Kaikoura we have the picturesque coastal village of Kaikoura located miles away from the city of Christchurch. The village is renowned for its amazing marine life and green lifestyle it boasts a stunning view of the jagged mountains against the stunning coastline of the village. Kaikoura is a popular destination among wildlife enthusiasts who flock to the village just to witness the breaching of humpback and sperm whales as well as observe dolphins, seals, and other exotic species you can either take a cruise where you can observe them from a distance or join these amazing animals and dive in one of the best reefs in the country. Tongariro national park It is just a few miles away from lake Taupo which is New Zealand’s largest lake we have the Tongariro national park. if you’ve never seen volcanic landscapes before then the national park is definitely worth a visit. It’s home to a wide variety of ecosystems such as dense forests, herb fields, tranquil lakes, and volcanoes that are active all year round when you arrive at the national park, Mt Ruapehu, Mt Tongariro, and Mt Ngaurahoe will immediately attract your attention to visit these stunning locations you can start your hike at the visitor center it takes around 3 hours to hike the Taranaki falls. Milford sound The UNESCO’s world heritage site of Milford sound is hands down one of the world’s most beautiful places, whether it’s the dramatic landscapes, virgin rainforests, or the hundreds of cascading waterfalls everything about this fjord is mind-blowing It can be accessed by a boat or a kayak, however, if you prefer to experience the fjord from above it’s better to take a plane instead when you see the place with your own eyes you will realize that all of the pictures you’ve previously seen are incomparable to the reality of Milford sound. If you love hiking taking the Milford track that starts at