Do you have a bucket list? I’ve had several in my life, a life experience bucket list a career bucket list, and a travel bucket list. With this list, I hope to spark some interest in some of these places we’re coming out of the pandemic and this summer might be a great time to go see some things as you saw in the title.

How many places you’ve actually been to or  visited then in the comment section let us  know what your final count was have you seen 10  of them have you seen four of them have you seen 50 of them.

Let us know and maybe even include  what one was your favorite, so let’s get going with 100 places in  the united states you should see before you die


Sequoia in Kings Canyon National  Parks in California the sequoia national park  is America’s second oldest national park  and was established on September 25th 1890. King’s canyon was established in 1940 the  two parks are side by side east of Fresno

The Grand Canyon

It’s a majestic 277-mile   long canyon with the colorado river  flowing right through the center of it

Devils Tower

National Monument in Wyoming, this  stands 1267 feet tall and it’s located in the  northwest corner of the black hills it’s actually  declared a monument by Teddy Roosevelt

Pearl Harbor’s National Memorial

  Pearl Harbor’s National Memorial in Hawaii,  everybody knows America was attacked by the Japanese   during world war ii and it was one of the worst  attacks this nation has ever seen you could  still see oil oozing from the engine rooms of the  sunken ships

The San Diego Zoo

It is home to 3700 animals and more than 650 species. I’ve been  here like four times in my life it’s a great zoo.

The International Spy Museum

Washington dc,  it is exactly what it’s called a spy museum  very interesting

Williamsburg Virginia 

it’s colonial capital of Virginia and  internationally known for its restoration  activities and recreations of 18th century America

Rock and Roll hall 

The rock and roll hall  of fame museum in Cleveland will be there this summer this  place opened on September 2nd, 1995. 

 Biscayne national park, Florida

this is  one of the least crowded sites managed by  the national park service it covers a total of  172 000 acres and 95 of the park is underwater

Yellowstone national park, Wyoming

This is  one of our best national parks been here two  or three times in my life. You kind of just  drove through but two times I actually visited   it’s amazing to go there see the geyser see  the buffalo your life will never be the same.

Winchester mystery  house

The Winchester mystery  house san Jose California,   this is a weird place it’s worth  reading about but it’s better to go see.

The wright brothers national memorial, North Carolina

This is a monument dedicated to the  Wright brothers and their first flight everyone  thinks it was a kitty hawk it was actually down   the road a bit at kill devils hill, not kitty hawk.  This is the first federal park to have a permanent  public structure the monument was built in 1932.

The Plymouth plantation, Massachusetts

This  is where those first band of English people showed  up they called themselves pilgrims and they showed   up on the mayflower and they landed at Plymouth  rock.

  Niagara Falls, New York

More than eight million  visitors explore Niagara falls annually, a lot of  people think this is just one big fall and  when you get there you finally realize that   it’s actually three waterfalls.

Niagara falls  just kind of refers to the whole area there are Bridalveil falls, Horseshoe falls, and American  falls.

Thomas Edison’s national historical  park, New Jersey

The area includes dozens  of buildings that supported Edison’s research  into electricity photography motion  pictures chemistry and other things. 

 Boston Common

This is the oldest park in the  US existing since 1634. in the colonial days,  it was actually a cow pasture and a British  encampment for a while but it didn’t start   becoming a park till the 1830s when an iron fence was  put up around it.

Mauna kea, Hawaii

Mauna kea is  the best astronomical observation facility on  earth. The observatory is used for scientific  research and it’s the largest facility of its  kind, it’s one of six volcanoes that form the   hawaiian islands and it’s the tallest mountain  on earth.

It’s actually 3600 feet taller than  Mount Everest but much of it’s underwater it’s  also about a million years old and the last   time it erupted was probably around five to six  thousand years ago it’s considered dormant now.  

Hollywood, California

Hollywood, California is an  illusion it has the reputation it has an aura and has  a mystique. That’s hard to find these days but it’s  still there you have the famous Hollywood sign  which kind of brings a lot of people in you’ve  got the Hollywood walk of fame things like that.

   There’s just a lot of nonsense that goes on around  it but if you actually study and learn where you  want to go see things in Hollywood famous mansions  things like that it’s very interesting and it’s   really a good time just stay out of the tourist  stuff

Nashville, Tennessee

This is one of the  cities you need to visit at least one time in  your life there’s this vibe you get in Nashville  that is very unique Elvis Presley recorded more  than 200 songs at RCA’s studio.

There’s still  a string of Christmas lights on display that  were hung when Elvis couldn’t get into the   spirit to record a Christmas album apparently  they were trying to record it like august and  you know no one’s really got the Christmas feel  in august.

  The statue of liberty and Ellis island New York harbor

the statue of liberty was gifted to  the u.s by France in 1886 and it’s 83 meters tall  the same man that built the Eiffel tower built  the structure his name was Gustav Eiffel and it is  one of the most photographed statues on the planet.

The Brooklyn bridge

Not too far away from the statue of liberty, you have the Brooklyn   bridge. This is iconic it was officially opened on May 24th 1883.

The Brooklyn Bridge was the  world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge and the  first things to cross it were roosters they sent   them across to make sure it was okay I don’t  think roosters were the best plan maybe some  cows or horses or something like that they’re  a little heavier but they sent roosters. 

New York

Staying in New York the met the metropolitan museum of art in New York City, this opened on  april 13 1870, and it’s amazing there’s a lot  of history in this building the museum is the  home to the world’s oldest surviving piano dating  back to 1720. even if it’s not your type of thing  definitely go by and see this.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

If you’ve never seen this  thing in person I would suggest it is amazing  it was completed in 1937 and it’s 1.7 miles long  originally it was supposed to be painted blue with  yellow stripes to increase visibility for ships   and things like that.

But when the steel arrived  it was kind of this burnt red color from the  primer and the architects decided that color was  fine and they just kind of stuck with it in 1937  it cost 50 cents each weight across the bridge  roughly the equivalent of about 18 bucks today.

It took over 30 years to remove the lead-based  paint from the bridge yeah so back when they  realized lead paint was really bad they had to  strip the bridge and it took 30 freaking years. 

  Kennedy Space Center, Florida

This facility’s  primary function is NASA’s base of operation  when it comes to rockets and launching things  for pre and post-launch.

Most famously it was the  launching point for the Apollo moon missions and  for the space shuttle most of the time it secondary  function is for public education with its exhibits  displays and history of space flight and travel

Everglades National Park, Florida

The  Everglades National Park is home to one   of the largest wetlands in the world. It  has plant and animal species not found  anywhere else on the planet.

It was  established on December 6 1947, and  it is home to an exotic population of animals like  alligators, manatees, hawksbill, turtles, water max,  sends coral snakes, the list goes on there’s a  lot of weird stuff going on in the everglades.

 The Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

I love this place one of my favorite aquariums it opened on October 20th 1984. The first time It was amazing then  and it has done nothing but get better they  have a million-gallon open sea exhibit that   holds yellowfin, tuna, large green sea turtles, barracuda sharks, and giant ocean sunfish.

Monument valley, Arizona, and Utah

You go see this  one you got two states to choose from this place  is known for its cluster of vast sandstone buttes,  the largest reaching 300 meters about a thousand  feet above the valley floor.

This valley’s been  in so many movies tv shows and in print, it’s just  ridiculous any western from the 1950s seems  to have found their way to this it was neat.

  Carlsbad Cavern National Park, New Mexico

It  covers a total area of 46,000 acres and there  are 117 known caves in the park the big room  as they call it in Carlsbad is an 8.2-acre cave  there are 17 species of bats you could see here. 

Canyon De Shea National Monument, Arizona

For  around 5000 years people have made their home in  these sandstone canyons they’re often referred to  as just one Canyon De Shea but there are actually  several canyons here.

Families do still live here  that’s why access is limited and visitors are  required to have a guided tour in most areas  of this national monument it’s very interesting. 

Mount Rushmore national monument south Dakota  

Mount Rushmore isn’t the only thing to see in  South Dakota but it is by far the most popular.  Mount Rushmore was named after New York attorney  Charles e Rushmore who had visited the area in  1885.

While on the visit he asked to guide what  the name of the peak was the guides well we don’t  have a name for it it’s just an unnamed peak so  they named it Rushmore after him.

He later donated  five thousand dollars to help get the mount  Rushmore project started ninety percent of the   carvings were actually done by dynamite it wasn’t  like a guy out there with a hammer and chisel.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

This one is  amazing to see it’s one of those places if you  just sit there and look at it for a while you’ll  just I don’t know it’s just it’s a weird feeling   looking at this thing. If you know the backstory to  it and how it was created it’s even more amazing.

  First of all, it’s the deepest lake in America it’s  actually 1943 feet deep the lake’s water comes  directly from snow or rain whichever happens which  we get a lot here in Oregon and there are no inlets  for the lake there’s no like little creeks going  to it or anything like that.

This is a mountain   that had its top blown off in a volcanic eruption  the story begins with the volcanic eruption it was  so serious that scientists estimate it was 42  times more powerful than the Mount Saint Helens  eruption in 1980 but so it turned this uh giant  mountain into pretty much a cup and water and snow  just accumulate in this cup and we have a lake.

A Mississippi  River Cruise

The Mississippi river is long enough  for you to take a cruise on it’s actually the   third-longest river in the world at 2 350 miles.  The cruise industry has broken this off into  three sections each section takes about a week  to cruise or you can knock them all out in one   big three-week trip and it’s worth it.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island is a summer resort  island in lake Huron it’s right between the upper  peninsula and lower peninsula of Michigan. This  is a great place to visit in the summer winters  can be sketchy at best it gets pretty cold there.

 The Corn Palace, South Dakota

Yeah that’s a real  thing the Corn Palace I don’t get the attraction I mean it holds big dances proms graduations  things like that meeting whatever stage shows  it’s just kind of strange but a lot of  people really like this place they go to it.

Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania 

Gettysburg is the most famous battle of the civil war thousands of union and confederate soldiers clashed on some really hot July days in 1863. 

 The park includes over 6 000 acres of land 1300  monuments 400 cannons and 140 historic buildings  everyone knows about Gettysburg and if you’re a  history buff you already know this is one of the   must-see places on your history bucket list.

  Martin Luther king’s National Historical Park,  Atlanta

This is the hometown of the late  martin Luther king, the 10 block area around  auburn avenue is one of the city’s most  visited sites showing where he was born   lived worked and the church where his father  grandfather and he were all ministers.

  Black Heritage Trail, Boston

Usually whenever  you hear anything about black heritage trails or  anti-slavery movements it has something to do with  the south you know the underground railroad   something like that but Boston had an anti-slavery  movement that was very important to this country. 

Puako Petroglyph Archeological Preserve,  Hawaii

This one’s on the big island and it’s  pretty impressive they have over 3000 ancient  petroglyphs that are carved into the lava rock  the true meaning behind all these carvings is  unknown but generally, it’s believed that they   were to announce the birth of someone important  whenever they carved a new petroglyph in these  lava rocks.

Coney Island, New York city

Coney Island started off as a seaside resort in 1824  at some point it started to turn into an amusement park but not just one amusement park there are people that own different parts  of it and it’s just this big thing anyway it’s  home to the famous Cyclone roller coaster  and it’s been in too many movies to count.

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia

The  Franklin Institute in Philadelphia pays homage  to the city’s native son benjamin franklin  one of the greatest Americans of all time   it was first opened in 1824

The Alamo, San  Antonio

Everybody knows but in case you don’t  The Alamo was the site of the battle that took place during texas’s bid for independence from   Mexico.

All defenders were killed but within six weeks Santa anna president of Mexico was captured and he basically signed over to texas to save his own life the original alamo was actually burned to the ground in April of 1836 but was rebuilt in 1854.

Victoria Clipper Ship, Seattle  

You can ride this high-speed catamaran  from Seattle to victoria British Columbia   in three hours it’s obviously because the pandemic  been docked for a couple months now but it’s a  pretty fun trip actually any ferry you get in the  Seattle you know Puget sound area is a good trip

   The national air and space museum, Washington DC

This is the world’s largest aviation and space museum it is also the most visited museum in  the country with more than 8 million visitors  every single year it was opened on July 1, 1976.  You could see the Enola gay bomber who dropped  the bomb on Hiroshima also Charles Lindbergh’s  spirit of st Louis and the Wright brothers flyer. 

  Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona beach runs for  23 miles on the Florida coast it is known as the  world center for racing and it’s also known as  the world’s most famous beach since the 1920s   they used to actually race NASCAR on the beach  this was way back in the day but they still did it  cars are still loud on the beach but it’s pretty  slow you got to go like walking speed almost. 

Alaska marine highway

This is basically  a ferry system that currently extends across like 34 3 500 miles of scenic coastline and it  connects 30 different communities it started  1948 through 1962 they kept adding things onto it.

Dinosaur valley Texas

This opened up in 1972  in 1909 George Adams the young man found strange  three-toed tracks in the limestone bed of a river  turns out these were dinosaur tracks left in the  mud well the mud turned to rock and now you got  these really cool footprints all over the place   it’s actually quite impressive.

Lincoln  Heritage trail, Kentucky

Abraham Lincoln lived  in Kentucky for the first seven years of his  life and this is kind of stuck with the state   for some time now on display is a replica of the  tiny cabin where he was born among other things. 

  The Kentucky derby

Everybody knows what  the Kentucky Derby is and it’s quite a party  the race is nice too but most people go for the  party the fastest winner was secretariat in 1973.

Fort Worth Stockyards

 The fort worth stockyards texas everybody  knows where fort worth is it’s just west of  Dallas, it’s part of the Dallas metro area fort  worth became a boom town in the 1890s because  it had the southwest’s biggest livestock market  because of this it also got the nickname cow town 

 White mountain national forest, New Hampshire 

And it’s also in Maine this is one of the most beautiful forests this country has to offer, I mean Maine and New Hampshire.

They just got  beautiful landscapes this area was heavily logged  back in the 1800s and they’ve made a recovery since then it was established in 1914 when they  acquired 7000 acres for thirteen dollars. Today  it has an area of almost eight hundred thousand  acres in New Hampshire and western Maine.

Ash  teak island, Maryland

This island is best known for its herd of wild horses its pristine beaches, it’s got a really cool lighthouse, it’s a 37-mile-long barrier island located on the eastern coast of the Delmarva peninsula facing the Atlantic ocean.

The island was originally going to be   made into a private resort in the 1960s but  it all came to a screeching halt when the  locals were a little angry about this  the people kind of shot this idea down.

The orchard house, Concord Massachusetts

This  is a very interesting place this is the home of  Louisa may Alcott she wrote the 1868 classic novel  little women she is the first American woman to  earn a living as a writer they have open guided  tours daily except on a few different holidays   and it’s free.

Alabama’s civil rights  sites

They have numerous historic sites  throughout Alabama paying tribute to the brave  men and women who have fought for civil rights   it’s a big part of American history and  it’s something you should probably see.  

Cahokia mounds, Illinois

These are really  interesting i first saw these on a e with some  show called ancient mysteries with Leonard Nimoy,  these are earthen mounds built by a civilization  that they figured disappeared a couple hundred  years before Columbus ever set foot on the united   states.

Some of these mounds are just a couple  feet high but some of them are as tall as 100 feet  the historic site sits across the Mississippi  river from St Louis covering about 2 000 acres.

  Notre dame stadium, Indiana

Yeah  this is where the fighting Irish   play and it’s an amazing place  to see a college football game I think most people feel this is the  most historic football stadium.

It is   sure if you’re a college fan from someplace else  you’re going to think some other colleges are better  but I think most people would consider this to be  the best place to see a football game.

Mall of  America, Bloomington Minnesota

This has been the  largest mall in the country forever it’s  not going to be the largest much longer in 2023  it looks like Miami is going to have one that’s  going to beat them a little bit and since malls  are disappearing this one might be worth a visit.

Mark Twain’s boyhood home and museum  Hannibal Missouri

This was the home of  Samuel leghorn Clemons better known as the author  mark twain but he lived here from 1844 to 1853. 

 The hoover dam, Arizona and Nevada

It’s right  there on the border this one i’ve been to and  the day we were going there i was like why are  we going to see it damn this sounds stupid and   i got there i was impressed it’s not the largest  thing i’ve ever seen but it’s just kind of strange.  

Being in this valley and how tall it is and it’s  just it looks like this big perfectly smooth  slab of cement from the outside very interesting  and the history of the place is incredible.

Cedar point amusement park, Sandusky Ohio 

Self-proclaimed roller coaster capital of  the world this is a must-visit for roller coaster enthusiasts if you’re a roller coaster enthusiast   and a hardcore one you’ve been here already.

But  if you like roller coasters this is a good one  when it was first opened it was just a public  bathing beach and it’s also a little haunted   they say there’s a ghost that lingers around the  carousel.

Apostle islands national lakeshore,  Wisconsin

This is a group of 21 islands and a 12-mile stretch of coast on the mainland it has more  lighthouses than any other site in the national  park system with nine historic lighthouses  on six different islands visitors can hike paddle  boat it’s got a lot of really cool stuff to do   here it’s one of those places you go on a nice  summer day.

The art institute, Chicago  

The art institute of Chicago was founded in 1879  and it is still going the museum contains more  than 300 thousand works of art

Wrigley field,  Chicago

Yeah staying in Chicago Wrigley field,  this is where the cubs play it is known for its ivy-covered brick outfield wall giant chewing  gum businessman William Wrigley jr bought the  cubs in 1921 it was named cubs park from 1920  to 1926 before renaming it to Wrigley field 1927.  if you want to see a baseball game this is one of  the best places to do it.

American museum of  natural history, New York city

This is one of the best museums this country has to offer probably is  the best it opened in 1869 it used to be located  in central park when the first exhibits opened in  1871. this is an interesting fact about it in 1964  more than four hundred thousand worth the jewels  were stolen from the museum.

Independence  national historical park, Philadelphia

This is  where the constitution was debated and written  out and it was also signed here the park  represents the founding ideals of this nation it’s  also got the liberty bell so that’s something neat  to see.

Alcatraz island, San Francisco California


Everybody knows about Alcatraz and they’ve had  some movies about escapes they had here it first   opened its doors on August 11, 1934 this was also  when the first prisoners showed up.

National  Museum of the American Indian, Washington DC

This  is a newer museum it was only opened in 1989  it houses permanent and temporary exhibits  that showcase the diverse heritage and history  of the north and south American Indians, this  museum is the largest of its kind in the world.  

Newport Rhode island

In 1657 Newport Rhode island operated the first ferry service in the  nation this is an old colonial place and it has  more colonial homes in use than any other location  in the u.s and yes it is in Rhode Island.

Most  people seem to think that the only city or town or  anything they have in Rhode island is providence  there’s more to this state than just providence. 

 Denali national park, Alaska

Denali is amazing it became a national park on February  26 1917. and it’s basically centered around mount  Mckinley actually it’s native Alaskan name  is Denali which Denali nashport you get it.

  Yosemite national park, California

Just an  all-round beautiful place like half dome is  there you have Yosemite village which is kind of  neat to see then you have Yosemite falls which is  really an impressive waterfall it’s the highest  waterfall in North America and the fifth highest  in the world.

Acadia national park, Maine

So this  is a national park that nobody ever really talks  about i’ve been here it’s kind of cool i mean it’s not up there with Yellowstone or Yosemite but it  is definitely a nice place to visit Acadia is the  fifth smallest national park in the united states.  

The rocky mountain national park, Colorado 

If you’ve never seen the rocky mountains  this is a good place to start seeing them. The  rocky mountains have an average altitude of 8000 feet the mountain range stretches over  3000 miles and covers six different states.

The Wave, Arizona

The wave is a sandstone rock  formation located in Arizona near its northern  border with Utah. The wave is so well known amongst  hikers and photographers that they actually have  to limit the amount of people that go there.

They  have a daily lottery system used to dispense only  10 next-day permits in person and 10 online  permits so basically 20 people a day get to  go check this out with a guide.

The Iowa state  fair

The very first Iowa state fair was held in  Fairfield Iowa between October 15 and 17 and 1854,  it’s the single largest event in the state of Iowa  they get a million people a year from all over  the world to come see this fair Iowa of all   places.

New Orleans

If you watch this channel  long enough you know that i always say go visit  New Orleans stay in the french quarter be careful  and don’t go too far out it’s a pretty dangerous   city.

The french quarter is definitely something  you want to see in New Orleans. In general, it’s a nice  place to see just be aware of where you’re going  New Orleans was founded in 1718 and the first   community was nothing more than a trading camp  on the curving east bank of the mississippi river.

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is famous for  burning locals when they thought they were  witches back in 1692 this was a big thing as  a kid i was scared about it to watch too many  movies about this but the burning didn’t stop  there the actual entire city was burnt in 1914.

Glacier National Park, Montana

This park was  established in 1910, Glacier national park covers  over one million acres currently it’s home to 26  glaciers but the numbers are shrinking down from  150 in 1850.

They’ve only had 10 bear attacks in  the history of the park oddly enough two occurred  on the same night miles apart both victims were 19  year old females that was 54 years ago.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Of course you have to visit  Las Vegas Nevada at least once in your life it’s  known for its gambling and its shows and all that  but these days it has so much more to do than just  gamble and drink there’s a lot of great shows  a lot of activities to do there it’s a fun town.  

The Columbia river gorge, Oregon

The  Columbia river gorge was created about  40 or 60 million years ago the Columbia river  is the largest river in the pacific northwest  and the seventh largest in north America.

The river  flows from british Columbia through the state of  Washington forming much of the border between  Washington and Oregon before it finally gets to   the pacific ocean near Astoria Oregon.

Atlantic  City, New Jersey

There’s not a lot of things to see  in New Jersey not a lot of reasons to go to  New Jersey but Atlantic city is worth seeing   they’ve got a great boardwalk and the world’s  largest musical instrument it’s a massive pipe  organ with over 33 000 pipes inside it.

  Seattle’s Gum wall

People have been sticking  gum on this wall since the early 1990s it’s about  50 feet long and it’s just covered with gum.

They  tried to clean it in 2015 they ended up removing 2 350 pounds of gum and it took them over 100 hours  to clean it and they just started right back up  after it was finished it’s located right outside   the main entrance of Pike Place market I was  just there like two weeks ago it kind of smells.

 The Fremont Troll, Seattle Washington

Yep  we’re staying in Seattle, the troll was created in  1989 and it’s this like sculpture underneath a  bridge looks like a troll. They kind of had this   art competition to revitalize the underneath of  the bridge because it was just a dumping ground  for everyone’s trash.

And people sold drugs there  so they did this it’s kind of nice now tourists   go there ever since the bridge was built in 1932  and the sculpture was inspired by the folklore  billy goats gruff it’s kind of weird when you see  it though.

The Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee  

The Great Smoky Mountains are estimated to  be around 300 million years old would   make them one of the oldest mountain ranges on  earth. The mountains are officially entitled the  salamander capital of the world.

They have  a lot of salamanders there in case the   salamander capital of the world didn’t tip you  off the great smoky mountains are beautiful. I would suggest anyone in the Tennessee area just  go see them there’s about a thousand miles of   trails in the park for hiking and mountain biking. 

Orca island, Washington

This is located  in the northwest corner of Washington state in  the puget sound the island’s got a population   of just a little over 5000 people and it’s only  57 square miles.

Their orca here all the time you  can see them but if you really want to see orca  out in the waters off orca island go-between   May and October during the salmon run you can  see all the orca you want and this is worth it. 

  Disney World, Orlando Florida

Who hasn’t wanted  to or been to Disney world or Disneyland, I grew up  near Disneyland in southern California and Walt  Disney world in Orlando is so much bigger it was  opened on October 1st 1971 with just one park.

The  magic kingdom now they’ve got all kinds of animal  parks and everything else like that this is like  one of those once in a lifetime trips you got to   take your kids on when they’re you know under  the age of 17 and they can actually enjoy it.  

The puget sound Washington

Now we’re  looking at the whole puget sound not just orca  island or seattle this area is mostly cold and  wet which means it’s also green and beautiful it’s  one of my favorite places to go up near seattle  just anywhere around seattle I love it up there.  

Highway 101, Oregon California and  Washington

This is the greatest road trip in  the country I think in the early 20th century it  was almost impossible to travel along the Oregon  coast unless you had a boat because many of the  small towns weren’t connected they had no bridges.  

You had to go inland and then come back and it  was just a nightmare the highway was created  after world war one when oregon voters approved  the construction of bridges and roads all up   the coast california did the same thing.

Arches National Park, Utah

More than 2 000 natural  stone arches can be found in this park from a  distance they sort of look fake like someone came   in to make a sci-fi movie like star trek and just  kind of left them there.

The natural formations are  a result of temperature changes sweltering heat  to freezing to thawing rain snow they’ve shaped  these for thousands of years the tallest arch is  the south arch of the double arch which is 144 feet.  

Taoist Pueblo, New Mexico

These adobes were built with mud and straw-like all adobes are and they have sheltered native Americans  for nearly a thousand years the Taoist pueblo today appears pretty much like it did when the  Spanish explorers arrived in 1540. It is one of  the oldest continuously inhabited communities in  north america.

Millennium  Park, Chicago Illinois

Millennium park is pretty  much in the center of everything in Chicago it’s  not like the center of it but near the loop where   everything is going on.

It opened on july 16  2004 it’s a 24-acre park that replaced which  was a just a desolate area of railroad tracks  parking lots and homeless people and everything   else like that it went 340 million dollars over  the original budget and it’s where they got  that big silver bean that chrome whatever shiny  bean check that out if you’re ever in Chicago.  

Grand Central Terminal, New York

Grand central is one of the world’s largest   busiest and my favorite train terminal this  place is chandeliers marble floors marble walls.  It opened back on February 2nd 1913 back when  they made beautiful buildings worth keeping   for a hundred years they don’t make them like  that anymore.

As you walk in there’s a massive  golden clock that’s estimated to be worth about 20  million dollars you can take private tours where  they’ll tell you all the secrets and show you like  hidden staircases and underground rooms all kinds   of cool stuff like that.

Portland  Headlight, Portland Maine

This is probably the  most iconic lighthouse we have here in the United  States, it’s photographed all the time and if you   ever pick up a postcard from new England it’s  chances are it’s gonna have this lighthouse on  it.

George washington actually commissioned this  lighthouse in 1790 designed to tower over the  light keeper’s quarters in fort Williams park. 

Diamond Head State Monument

Most  people don’t realize this if they haven’t been  to Hawaii but they see the diamond head and they just   think it’s like a peninsula it’s actually a crater  you see it from the sky almost looks like a crater  lake without the water.

There are great views from  the top of diamond head the military realized this   back in the day and they put a bunch of lookout  towers up their bunkers from those military  days are still at the top of the diamond head.

You can  hike up there it’s only 560 feet above sea level   but i will tell you this it is always crowded  there always seems to be a whole bunch of people  up there so trying to snap a perfect selfie  at the top of diamond head might get tricky.  

Philadelphia city Hall, Philadelphia  Pennsylvania

This city hall doesn’t look like it  belongs in the us it looks like very much a like  1600s European building to me it’s just gorgeous  it’s the largest city hall in the country in  the tallest masonry-bearing building in the   world. It’s currently the 16th tallest building  in Pennsylvania a lot of history went on in this  building and it’s definitely worth a visit.

South Beach Florida

When you think of Miami  you think of south beach that’s the beach that’s  in all the movies and all the ads it’s gonna   be south beach it’s beautiful the art deco it’s  amazing.

The people here are beautiful so if you’re  a little bit older you might feel  out of place hanging out at the beach here but   if you’re younger this is a great place  to be seen and it’s a beautiful beach too.

Times Square, New York City

Times  Square is probably one of the first things   that come to mind when you think about New York  city. More than 50 million people visit this area  every single year it used to be kind of gross  back in the 1980s.

It was filmed with like adult   theaters and stuff like that but it went through  a revitalization in the late 80s early 90s and  it’s really nice place to just least see once  touristy obviously it’s a neat place to see.  

Blue Ridge Parkway. Virginia  North Carolina

A lot of people say this is the  best road trip in the united states I still think  the 101 along the California Oregon Washington  coast is the best one but a lot of people say this  is the best.

It’s not just the drive either it’s   beautiful scenery hiking trails all over the  place the entire parkway is 469 miles long  and the speed limit is 45 miles an hour it’ll  take you 12 hours of driving with no bathroom   breaks no traffic no road delays no stop and take  pictures 12 hours to complete the whole thing. 

Death Valley National Park,  California

California has some serious extremes  death valley is one of the hottest places on  the earth and it actually holds the record for   the hottest temperature ever measured. It is 3.4  million acres death valley is also the second  largest national park in the united states and  it’s got over a thousand miles of roads to explore.

A lot of them are dirt roads but you can explore  them i’m not a dessert guy but i’ve been at death   valley more times than i can remember and it’s got  a certain beauty to it uh just make sure you got a  good cell phone on you get stuck down one of  these dirt roads and you don’t have the right   supplies you will die.

Route 66

This is  the mother of all road trips it starts in Chicago  Illinois and stretches all the way to Santa Monica  California. At the santa monica pier actually this   route is what brought so many people to California  back in the 40s 50s and 60s this is how all the  wannabe stars got to hollywood back in the day.

  There’s a lot of historic and weird things along  this route i don’t know if anyone really does  the entire thing anymore it just seems like one   of those things you’ll do parts of it that’s  about it.

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