100 Places You Need to Visit Before You Die. United States Travel

Do you have a bucket list? I’ve had several in my life, a life experience bucket list a career bucket list, and a travel bucket list. With this list, I hope to spark some interest in some of these places we’re coming out of the pandemic and this summer might be a great time to go see some things as you saw in the title. How many places you’ve actually been to or  visited then in the comment section let us  know what your final count was have you seen 10  of them have you seen four of them have you seen 50 of them. Let us know and maybe even include  what one was your favorite, so let’s get going with 100 places in  the united states you should see before you die Sequoia Sequoia in Kings Canyon National  Parks in California the sequoia national park  is America’s second oldest national park  and was established on September 25th 1890. King’s canyon was established in 1940 the  two parks are side by side east of Fresno The Grand Canyon It’s a majestic 277-mile   long canyon with the colorado river  flowing right through the center of it Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, this  stands 1267 feet tall and it’s located in the  northwest corner of the black hills it’s actually  declared a monument by Teddy Roosevelt Pearl Harbor’s National Memorial   Pearl Harbor’s National Memorial in Hawaii,  everybody knows America was attacked by the Japanese   during world war ii and it was one of the worst  attacks this nation has ever seen you could  still see oil oozing from the engine rooms of the  sunken ships The San Diego Zoo It is home to 3700 animals and more than 650 species. I’ve been  here like four times in my life it’s a great zoo. The International Spy Museum Washington dc,  it is exactly what it’s called a spy museum  very interesting Williamsburg Virginia  it’s colonial capital of Virginia and  internationally known for its restoration  activities and recreations of 18th century America Rock and Roll hall  The rock and roll hall  of fame museum in Cleveland will be there this summer this  place opened on September 2nd, 1995.   Biscayne national park, Florida this is  one of the least crowded sites managed by  the national park service it covers a total of  172 000 acres and 95 of the park is underwater Yellowstone national park, Wyoming This is  one of our best national parks been here two  or three times in my life. You kind of just  drove through but two times I actually visited   it’s amazing to go there see the geyser see  the buffalo your life will never be the same. Winchester mystery  house The Winchester mystery  house san Jose California,   this is a weird place it’s worth  reading about but it’s better to go see. The wright brothers national memorial, North Carolina This is a monument dedicated to the  Wright brothers and their first flight everyone  thinks it was a kitty hawk it was actually down   the road a bit at kill devils hill, not kitty hawk.  This is the first federal park to have a permanent  public structure the monument was built in 1932. The Plymouth plantation, Massachusetts This  is where those first band of English people showed  up they called themselves pilgrims and they showed   up on the mayflower and they landed at Plymouth  rock.   Niagara Falls, New York More than eight million  visitors explore Niagara falls annually, a lot of  people think this is just one big fall and  when you get there you finally realize that   it’s actually three waterfalls. Niagara falls  just kind of refers to the whole area there are Bridalveil falls, Horseshoe falls, and American  falls. Thomas Edison’s national historical  park, New Jersey The area includes dozens  of buildings that supported Edison’s research  into electricity photography motion  pictures chemistry and other things.   Boston Common This is the oldest park in the  US existing since 1634. in the colonial days,  it was actually a cow pasture and a British  encampment for a while but it didn’t start   becoming a park till the 1830s when an iron fence was  put up around it. Mauna kea, Hawaii Mauna kea is  the best astronomical observation facility on  earth. The observatory is used for scientific  research and it’s the largest facility of its  kind, it’s one of six volcanoes that form the   hawaiian islands and it’s the tallest mountain  on earth. It’s actually 3600 feet taller than  Mount Everest but much of it’s underwater it’s  also about a million years old and the last   time it erupted was probably around five to six  thousand years ago it’s considered dormant now.   Hollywood, California Hollywood, California is an  illusion it has the reputation it has an aura and has  a mystique. That’s hard to find these days but it’s  still there you have the famous Hollywood sign  which kind of brings a lot of people in you’ve  got the Hollywood walk of fame things like that.    There’s just a lot of nonsense that goes on around  it but if you actually study and learn where you  want to go see things in Hollywood famous mansions  things like that it’s very interesting and it’s   really a good time just stay out of the tourist  stuff Nashville, Tennessee This is one of the  cities you need to visit at least one time in  your life there’s this vibe you get in Nashville  that is very unique Elvis Presley recorded more  than 200 songs at RCA’s studio. There’s still  a string of Christmas lights on display that  were hung when Elvis couldn’t get into the   spirit to record a Christmas album apparently  they were trying to record it like august and  you know no one’s really got the Christmas feel  in august.   The statue of liberty and Ellis island New York harbor the statue of liberty was gifted to  the u.s by France in 1886 and it’s 83 meters tall  the same man that built the Eiffel tower built  the structure his name was Gustav Eiffel and it is  one of the most photographed statues on the