Top 100 Places To Visit In The USA – The Travelling Guide

I want to show you my favorite places so here is my USA top 100.

I have to say the USA is the most diverse country in the world from the barren deserts of the southwest to the Caribbean coast of Puerto Rico the USA has it all.

Hawaiian island


Hawaiian island of Kawaii of all the Hawaiian islands Kauai is the oldest making it the most beautiful and diverse it’s nicknamed the garden island and when you go there you’ll understand why one of my favorite places is the Nepali coast.

Why Kauai Is the Best Hawaiian Island To Visit, and Things To Do in Kauai

There are very few places in the world if any that match the beauty of this coastline the Nepali coast is filled with sea cliffs that rise 3000 feet from the ocean contrasted with deep narrow valleys that empty to the sea below.

There are several ways to experience the Nepali coast one of the best ways is by helicopter it can be a little bit pricey but you’ll be able to get some of the best views of Nepalis coastal cliffs and valleys.


one of the most fascinating Hawaiian islands to me is Molokai it’s definitely one of the lesser-known Hawaiian islands.

Visiting Molokai, Hawaii's forgotten island

But i have to say it has some of Hawaii’s most incredible scenery one of my favorite features is Molokai sea cliffs they are the tallest in the world with some being almost 4000 feet high.

There’s also stunning waterfalls tucked away in the islands lush canyons and just like Kauai i’d say one of the best ways to see Molokai would be from a helicopter flight i mean you’ll be able to witness the island’s raw view


empty road

now after Hawaii we’re going to head up to Alaska when you think of antenna wilderness Alaska is it and it’s just a land full of some of the world’s biggest mountains and glaciers and it’s one of the few places in the USA where you can see the aurora borealis.

Aleutian islands

Now one of the most wild places in Alaska is the Aleutian islands i think this may be one of the most incredible destinations in all the US now located in the Bering sea.


The Aleutian islands are made up of around 300 islands with over 57 volcanoes now the landscapes here remind me of Iceland with its volcanic terrain in hearse.

Lucian islands

Exploring the Aleutian Islands: New Film Captures 'The Last Unknown'

Not only this place beautiful but its full history during world war ii Japan landed and occupied two of the Lucian islands making it the only invasion on US soil during world war ii.

I mean this place just honestly blows my mind if you ever want a true adventure you gotta visit these islands.

Puerto Rico

Now after Alaska let’s head over to the complete opposite side of the country to visit Puerto Rico now located in the Caribbean next to the Dominican republic Puerto Rico is a US territory.

city near body of water during daytime

And is home to tropical landscapes and scenic beaches the capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan and was founded by Spanish colonists back in 1521 making it the oldest European established city in the US.

I went to Puerto Rico a few years ago and just had a great time exploring all the waterfalls and doing some epic cliff jumping i definitely want to come back and visit this upcoming year.

US virgin islands

Now right next to Puerto Rico is another US territory called the US virgin islands the territory is made up of around 50 islands with the three major ones being saint Croix, St John and Saint Thomas.

brown and green island on blue sea under white clouds during daytime

The US perched these islands from Denmark back in 1917 for 25 million dollars and that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me now today the virgin islands are an excellent place to go if you want to experience some Caribbean scenery.


Golden Gate Bridge during daytime

Lake Tahoe

After we’re gonna head over to California to visit lake Tahoe i have to say that it’s my favorite lake in the USA located right on the Nevada and California border.

white boat on calm body of water

Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in America with a depth of over 1600 feet which is absolutely massive what i love about this lake is how clear the water is and which is such a stunning blue color it’s also famous for having smooth granite rocks that peek out of the water.

Sand Harbor beach

seashore and pine trees scenery

Now a great place to go is Sand Harbor beach it’s full of clear water and tons of lake Tahoe rocks it’s an ideal place to swim and paddle board if you do go i’d recommend visiting in July or August so the water can warm up a little.

Yosemite National Park

After we’re gonna head over to Yosemite National Park now located about a four hours drive from lake Tahoe, Yosemite is one of the most stunning national parks it’s famous for its massive granite cliffs clear streams and powerful waterfalls.

green trees near mountain during daytime

One of the coolest features of the park is half dome it’s the gigantic piece of granite that rises over 5000 feet from the valley below one side is a sheer cliff while the other half has the appearance of a rounded dome.

One of the most famous waterfalls in the park is Yosemite falls it’s one of the world’s tallest with its upper falls being 1430 feet high.

Mount Whitney

low-angle photography of brown rock mountain

Now after we’re going to visit Mount Whitney now located about two hours away from Yosemite in the sierra Nevada mountain range mount whitney is the highest peak in the lower 48 states with a height of 14505 feet

Alabama hills

person standing on brown rock formation during daytime

Now right below mount Whitney is the uniquely shaped Alabama hills they are home to some of the coolest rock formations with endless rounded boulders you also get incredible views of mount Whitney and the sierra Nevada from there.

San Francisco

Now after we’re gonna head over to the coast to visit San Francisco I think of all the major cities in the US San Francisco is one of the most beautiful it’s built upon a peninsula surrounded by the pacific ocean and San Francisco bay.

Golden Gate Bridge, California

what I love about San Francisco is all its attractions you have the famous painted lady houses and the notorious Alcatraz island used to be a maximum security prison.

Now the most iconic attraction of San Francisco is the golden gate bridge it’s possibly the most photographed and famous bridge in the world it was built back in 1937.

And at its time it was the longest and tallest suspension bridge with a span of 4200 feet and a height of 746 feet now the red colored still against the scene here is San Francisco creates an incredible sight no matter what time of day.


Big Sur

Now from San Francisco we’re going to head over to Big Sur now located on the pacific 101 highway Big Sur is one of america’s most scenic drives known for its winding turns seaside cliffs and views of the misty coastline.

gray concrete bridge over blue sea during daytime

One of the coolest places in Big Sur is the Bixby creek bridge it’s one of California’s most photographed bridges and you’ll understand why when you get there.

Big Sur is also home to mick way falls which is an 80 foot waterfall that falls onto the beach below if you keep driving south on the 101 it’ll take you to this elephant seal vista point

As this beach filled with thousands of elephant hills they’re some of the largest and weirdest animals I’ve ever seen depending on what time of year you go there they may be sleeping on the beach or fighting to the death pretty crazy animals.

Catalina Island

Another incredible place in California is Catalina island located about 20 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, Catalina is part of the channel island archipelago you can get there by taking an hour ferry from California’s mainland.

Holiday shopping on Catalina made easy : Catalina Express

When you arrive you can experience the city of Avalon it’s the only city on the island and offers a beautiful bay and surrounding scenery.

While you’re in Catalina you can hike on its numerous hiking trails across the island and maybe even venture to the westernmost tip where the apple mac OS picture was taken.

California Redwoods

Now while we’re still in California we’re going to visit the California Redwoods now the redwoods are the tallest trees in the world with the highest reaching 379 feet tall there are groves of redwoods scattered along the northern California coast.

There are plenty of places to see them i went to the Jedediah smith redwood state park we explored the grove and i was just blown away by the size of the trees.

Not only were the trees amazing but just the whole ambiance of being there the trees pretty much blocked out all sunlight and then the ground was covered in these ferns that made it feel like you were in a Jurassic park film i mean such a magical place.


Now after exploring California we’re gonna make the drive up to Oregon now i have to say that Oregon is one of my favorite states it’s home to massive volcanoes and countless waterfalls.

green trees on rocky mountain beside river during daytime

Oregon is home to some of the best coastline in the USA I highly recommend just driving down the 101 coastal highway one of my favorite stops was this place called Meyer beach.

It had these massive rocks and we had the beach all to ourselves another scenic spot is the Samuel h boardman scenic corridor it’s one of the most beautiful spots on the Oregon coast in my opinion.

Cannon Beach

if you keep driving up the coast you’ll reach Cannon Beach when you think of Oregon you might think of this spot i remember first seeing this beach on Steven Spielberg’s movie

brown rock formation on sea shore during daytime

The goonies and i’ve wanted to go there ever since it’s famous for its haystack rock it’s this massive 235 foot sea stack that shoots out of the ocean in 2013 it was listed as one of he world’s 100 most beautiful places by national geographic and i totally understand why.

Washington DC

Afterwards we’re gonna head over to the other side of the country to visit Washington DC formerly called the district of Columbia.

vehicles on road during daytime

Washington DC is the capital city of the US and is located right on the Potomac river it’s home to the white house and some of the most important memorials and monuments.

One of my favorites is the Washington monument it’s a 500 foot tall stone obelisk that was completed all the way back in 1884 and was built to honor George Washington and it just blows my mind they were able to build it back then.


Now after we’re gonna head over to nearby Baltimore now locate about an hour’s drive from Washington DC, Baltimore is the capital of Maryland and is built on the Patapsco river which empties into Chesapeake bay.

white and black boat on dock during daytime

Baltimore was established as a town in 1729 and during the war of 1812 the battle of Baltimore took place where the British fell to bombard fort McHenry which led to Francis Scott key riding the national anthem the star-spangled banner some pretty fascinating history.

Atlantic city

gray concrete structure near Ferris wheel

Now after Baltimore we’re gonna head over to Atlantic city now located on New Jersey’s coast atlantic city is famous for its casinos beaches and iconic boardwalk i guess you call the Las Vegas of the east coast.

New York city

Now from New Jersey we’re gonna make this short drive over to New York city with its massive skyscrapers divers cultures and hustle and bustle atmosphere it’s a place that needs to be experienced.

high rise buildings during sunset

I was fortunate enough to live in New York for a few months and the city lifestyle quickly grown me one of my favorite places in the city is the Brooklyn bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most photogenic places in all of New York it’s this massive bridge that connects the boroughs of Brooklyn to Manhattan the bridge was finished in 1883 and it’s become one of New York’s most popular attractions.

Statue of Liberty

Probably the most iconic monument not just in New York but the entire country is the Statue of Liberty this 151 foot tall copper statue was gifted to the people of the US by France.

statue of Liberty

The statue depicts a roman liberty goddess as she holds a torch and tablet inscribed with July 4th 1776 in roman numerals…… I mean I’m just blown away that they were able to construct this it makes you wonder how it must have made early immigrants feel when they reach the u.s what a powerful monument for America.

New England

Now after exploring New York city we’re going to head over to the nearby region of New England now located in the northeastern part of the US .

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New England is comprised of Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode island and Maine.

New England is one of the most historical regions in the US it’s where the pilgrims settled in 1620 and is also where the revolutionary war was born i mean just such a fascinating region.


The most populous city in New England is Boston located in the state of Massachusetts.

aerial photography of trees and buildings in the city

Boston is one of the oldest municipalities in the US founded in 1630 by the puritan settlers historical events such as the Boston tea party took place during the revolutionary war

Here today Boston is a thriving city home to universities such as Harvard and MIT

Martha’s vineyard

A great place to visit outside the city is Martha’s vineyard now located about two and a half hours drive from Boston.

Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard: How to Choose | Condé Nast Traveler

Martha’s vineyard is idyllic island with picturesque seaside views the island was first settled in 1657 and today is a popular summer colony.

I really like the area around Edgar town there’s just some beautiful lighthouse to explore there the famous movie jaws was filmed here hopefully there aren’t too many great white sharks in the water.

Rhode island

Now after we’re gonna head over to the state of Rhode island now while it is the smallest state in the US it sure makes up for its small size with its beautiful scenery and history.

Rhode Island 2022 | Ultimate Guide To Where To Go, Eat & Sleep in Rhode  Island | Time Out

One of my favorite places in Rhode island is Newport it’s famous for its coastal mansions that were built in the late 1800s now from Newport you can make the hour drive to the seaside village of mystic.


Now located in Connecticut this charming village is built right where the mystic river meets the Atlantic ocean it was founded back in the 17th century and has been an important seaport with many ships being built here.

Visit Connecticut: 2022 Travel Guide for Connecticut, United States of  America | Expedia

Today it’s an idealistic place and definitely one of Connecticut’s most beautiful villages now if you want to skate the city and see some nature.


green and brown trees beside body of water during daytime

I suggest going to Vermont this may be one of the best places to visit during fall the trees turn to unbelievable red orange and yellow colors.

Vermont is also home to historical towns such as Brattleboro


Now another one of my favorite states in New England is Maine. Maine is the northeastern most point in the us as it borders Canada.

white and brown lighthouse on brown rocky mountain during daytime

It’s famous for its scenic coastline filled with lighthouses and lobster shacks one of my favorite cities in Maine is Portland it’s a charming city on Maine’s coast.

It was first settled in 1623 by European settlers today it’s known for its old port district and harbor one of the coolest places is the Portland headlight it’s a historic lighthouse that was built all the way back in 1791 making it the oldest lighthouse in Maine.

Acadia National Park

Another beautiful place in the state is the Acadia National Park the kitty is mostly located on the mount desert island the national park is full of granite peaks rocky coasts and tons of beautiful trees.

bird's eye view photography of mountains under blue sky

I have to say it’s one of the most impressive national parks on the east coast.

Lake Placid

After we’re gonna head back to New York to visit Lake Placid located in the northern part of the state Lake Placid is an extremely beautiful area and is hosted to winter Olympics

landscape photography of mountains and lake

I mean it would be a great place to come during autumn to experience those fall colors while you’re here you can kayak on the lake or you can drive up to white face mountain to get incredible views of the whole area.

Niagara falls

Now afterwards we’re going to head up to the Canadian border to visit Niagara falls this is possibly the most famous waterfall in the USA

aerial view of water falls

It’s made up of three waterfalls with the largest being horseshoe falls which is considered to be the most powerful waterfall in north america.It has a height of 167 feet and lies right on the US Canadian border.

Great Lakes

Now afterwards we’re going to head over to the nearby Great Lakes made up of five connected lakes, they are the largest group of freshwater lakes in the entire world.

Great Lakes - Wikipedia

It’s hard to grasp the size of them because they are so huge they have sea like characteristics such as waves strong currents and endless horizons.

They honestly feel like a freshwater ocean a lot of us major cities are built on the shores of the lake.


one of my favorites is Chicago now located in Illinois on the shores of lake Michigan Chicago is famous for its bold architecture and massive skyscrapers.

lighted roadway surrounded with buildings

It almost looks like Chicago is built on the ocean with the massive lake Michigan as its backdrop i came here a few years ago for a cold play concert and i really enjoyed the city

One of the most famous features of Chicago is the bean sculpture it’s a giant kidney shaped mirror that was opened in 2006 another cool thing i like about the city is how the Chicago river runs right through it.


Now afterwards we’re gonna head over to Wisconsin to visit Milwaukee now like Chicago Milwaukee is built right on lake Michigan it’s honestly a really beautifully set place it’s the largest city in Wisconsin.

high-rise buildings near calm body of water

And it’s famous for its beer and breweries thanks to its German immigrants who came here in the 19th century after Wisconsin we’re going to head down to the lake of the Ozarks.


Now located in the heart Missouri the lake of the Ozarks is a massive reservoir and is one of the most popular places in Missouri it’ll definitely make you reminisce on Netflix hit series Ozarks.

brown wooden house near green trees and lake during daytime

Even if you’re not into money laundering this is a wonderful place to visit during the summer to enjoy the lake one cool spot there is the haha tonka castle it was once a hotel and got burnt down and its ruins remain today.

Now while we’re still in Missouri we’re going to visit Kansas city now this city is a little odd because there are two Kansas cities one in Missouri and one literally right next to it in Kansas anyways.

It’s home to sports teams such as the royals and chiefs one of my favorite parts of the city is the national world war one museum it really is a beautiful memorial perfectly placed to overlook the Kansas city skyline

St Louis

Now another impressive city in Missouri is St Louis commonly known as the gateway to the west. St Louis is the second largest city in the state after Kansas city.

people walking on park near city buildings during daytime

One of the coolest features of the city is the gateway arch it’s the world’s tallest arch with a height of 630 feet and was built to honor the westward expansion of the United States


Texas | Health~Holland Digital Reconnect - TFHC

After Missouri we’re going to head down to Texas known as the lone star state Texas is the second largest state in the nation after Alaska


people sitting on green grass field near city buildings during daytime

One of the best cities in Texas is Austin if you listen to Joe Rogan you’ll know that Austin is a great place it’s famous for its great food music and venues i mean overall just great vibes in the city


aerial view of city buildings

Now another really cool place outside of Austin is the Hamilton pool and it’s this natural pool that’s located underneath a overhand cliff i mean it’s a perfect place to cool off on a hot Texas day.

Palo Duro canyon

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Another really cool spot in Texas is the Palo Duro canyon it’s located in the Texas panhandle and the canyon is the second biggest in the country and is nicknamed the grand canyon of Texas.

Big Bend National Park

Now while we’re still in the lone star state we’re going to visit Big Bend National Park now it’s located near the mexico border.

road lined with rocky mountain at daytime

Big Ben is a desert wonderland the park includes an entire chinos mountain range and is part of the Chihuahuan Desert a notable spot is the Santa Elena canyon with its steep limestone cliffs i mean it’s definitely one of Texas hidden treasures.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Afterwards we’re gonna head over to Louisiana to visit New Orleans located right on the Mississippi river near the gulf of Mexico. New Orleans is famous for its vibrant music scene nightlife and Cajun food

people walking on streets

It’s a melting pot of french African and american cultures. Now one of the most famous events that takes place in New Orleans is the Mardi Gras which is basically a big parade and party on the day before ash Wednesday.



body of water near trees and buildings during daytime

After Louisiana we’re gonna head over to Atlanta now locally in the state of Georgia, Atlanta is the state’s capital and also where headquarters of coca-cola are located.


Now if you want to escape the city and venture to Georgia’s coast you can visit the charming town of Savannah now located about a four hours drive from Atlanta Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia.

green leafed tree

It was established back in 1733 and served as a strategic port during the american revolution i love its downtown with its preserved architecture now one of my favorite features of Savannah is its oak trees covered in Spanish moss.


Now after we’re going to visit Nashville Tennessee if you love music you gotta visit Nashville. It’s a major center for the music industry especially country music.

city lights during dawn

Now while you’re there i recommend visiting nationals downtown and checking out all the great restaurants and venues while we’re still in Tennessee we’re gonna head over to the Great Smoky Mountains national park

Great Smoky Mountains

Now located in both Tennessee and north Carolina this is the most visited national park in the USA which I found, amusing i mean i guess people love the smoky mountains this park is full of beautiful rolling mountains that look stunning during the fall time I mean it’s a great place to hike and get lost in nature.

silhouette of mountain under white and yellow sky

Now after we’re gonna head to North Carolina’s coast to visit the outer banks popularized in Netflix hit show the outer banks are a 200 mile set of barrier islands off the coast of north Carolina and Virginia

Back in the 1500s English settlers came here including the Roanoke colony who mysteriously vanished in 1587 today the outer banks are popular tourist destination to experience some of Carolina’s best beaches


After we’re gonna head over to Washington state there’s just something about living near the Puget sound and that pacific northwest weather that just creates a magical vibe

wide road with vehicle traveling with white dome building

Beautiful town called geek harbor it’s about an hour’s drive from Seattle and it’s this beautiful harbor on the Puget sound you can check out the shops and restaurants and walk out on the docks and just such a beautiful place you gotta visit.


If you’re in Washington now after you carver we’re going to visit Seattle i have to say that Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the US I just love how it’s built right on the Puget sound contrasted with a skyline full of skyscrapers.

high rise buildings during daytime

Now one place you gotta visit if you’re in Seattle is pike’s place it’s a public market that has been open for more than 100 years it’s full of fresh produce stands unique shops and the world’s first Starbucks.

Mount Rainier

Afterwards we’re going to visit Mount Rainier I may be a little biased but i think Mount Rainier is one of the most stunning mountains in all the US when you visit Aries around Seattle it’s hard to believe how huge mount rainier is.

It reminds me of a giant white Hershey’s kissed if you want to see mount rainier up close and personal you can visit the national park and do numerous hikes around the area.

St Helens

Now another incredible volcano in Washington is mount St Helens the behemoth strata volcano stands at an elevation of eight 8363 feet high and is currently active.

Mount St Helens 40 years on | Nature Reviews Earth & Environment

On may 18 1980 it erupted and was the Deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in US history today it’s still steaming i just think it’s one of the most beautiful mountains and a great reminder of how powerful nature can be.


Glacier National Park

After we’re going to head over to Montana to visit Glacier National Park one of the most popular things you can do in the park is drive on the going to the sun road.

It’s this incredible route that cuts through the mountains you’ll have a high chance of seeing some wildlife.

aerial view of lake near mountains

The first place i went to was the hike to the hidden lake overlook we parked at the Logan pass visitor center and made the three mile round trip hike i mean it was at the end of July and there’s still a ton of snow up there which made the hike fun the hallway is full of incredible views we came across some marmots and a mountain goat.

The overlook is absolutely stunning the lake back dropped with the bear hat mountain is just so unique now aside from hidden lake.

There’s just so many other places to explore I mean I’m barely scratching the surface you could spend several weeks exploring all the treasures of this park.

Flathead lake

Now another beautiful place in Montana is Flathead lake it’s about an hour outside of Glacier National park and it’s a great place to staY.

Flathead Lake |

If you plan on going to Glacier the lake is absolutely huge and the water is so clear and enjoyable to swim in during the summer months. I mean it was just so nice to spend a few days here relaxing on the lake i couldn’t recommend it enough.


Yellowstone National Park

After we’re gonna head down to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone National Park now one of the most famous places in Yellowstone is the Grand prismatic spring.

It’s the third largest hot spring in the world with a depth of 160 feet and from above it displays a remarkable rainbow color.

geyser within mountain range during daytime

You can walk on the platforms around the spring but you’ll get the best view by taking the short hike up to the Grand prismatic spring overlook another iconic spot in the park is old faithful it’s one of the world’s most famous geysers.

Because of its reliability it erupts around every 90 minutes and the boiling water can reach 185 feet high you can also make a drive out to the upper falls it’s one of the most powerful waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

Another less popular but just as stunning spot is mammoth springs I went there first thing in the morning and was magical with all this mist coming off the hot spring terraces.

Grand Tetons National Park

Now while we’re still in Wyoming we’re going to head over to the nearby Grand Tetons National Park. This is one of my favorite national parks i just love the incredible scenery and the unique jagged shape of the Grand Tetons.

gray mountain under white cloudy sky

And there’s tons of hikes to go on one of my favorites is to Delta lake it’s a somewhat challenging hike but when you reach the top you’re rewarded with a blue Gatorade colored glacier lake that has the backdrop of the massive Grand Tetons peak.

I was just hard to beat the location of the spot when I went there I just had to jump the water i have to say it was some of the coolest place I’ve ever been in but nothing makes you feel more alive than a polar plunge in some glacier water.

Green River

Another one of my favorite places in Wyoming is Green River it’s a set of mountain lakes right in the wind river range one of my favorite features of the area is the view of square top mountain.

green trees beside river during daytime

It’s this incredibly shaped peak that kind of reminds me of half dome in Yosemite I mean it’s a great place to hike and enjoy some of Wyoming’s raw nature.

Devil’s Tower

After we’re gonna head over to eastern Wyoming to visit Devil’s Tower. Now this is one of the most interesting rock formations in the US the tower is 867 feet tall and sticks out like a sore throat across the landscape.

It's Time to Rethink Climbing on Devils Tower - Outside Online

It’s been a sacred place for native Americans and it was made the first national monument back in 1906. I mean what an incredible spot.

Mount Rushmore

Now afterwards we’re gonna head over to nearby Mount Rushmore now located about two hours drive away in South Dakota. Mount Rushmore is one of the USA’s most distinguishable features.

gray rock formation under white clouds during daytime

It took 14 years to sculpt this memorial and was completed in 1941 the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln are carved into the granite mountain.

South Dakota

Custer State Park

Now from Mount Rushmore you can make this short drive over to Custer State Park. This place is honestly stunning i didn’t know places like this existed in South Dakota.

bison standing on grass field

One of my favorite features of the park is the cathedral spires there’s such an incredible rock formation and just a short hike to get there.

Badlands National Park

While we’re still in South Dakota we’re going to head over to Badlands National Park this 245 anchor park is full of incredible canyons, pinnacles and spires.

brown rocky mountain during daytime

I just love the range of colors and the layered rock I think the best way to see the badlands is just by driving through on the scenic byway, there’s also plenty of hikes to explore this beautiful place.

North Dakota

Now after we’re going to head up to North Dakota now this may be one of the least visited states in the US but it definitely has Some charm it’s home to historical small towns and cities such as Fargo which is the largest city in the state.

green grass field under cloudy sky during daytime

Also a great TV show North Dakota is also home to plenty of wildlife such as Bison and the black-tailed prairie dog.


Now afterwards we’re gonna head over to Colorado I think Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the US.

gray asphalt road between brown grass field under white cloudy sky during daytime

It’s home to jagged rocky mountains endless aspen trees and great ski resorts the capital city of Colorado is Denver.


It’s nicknamed the mile high city with an official elevation of 5280 feet above sea level.

body of water under cloudy sky

There’s a lot going on you can visit historic union station or take a walk in its many parks one thing that’s great about Denver is that it’s close to some really cool places what amazing destination outside the city is Mount Evans.

Mount Evans

It’s about a two hours drive from Denver and you’ll be able to drive up the highest paved road in North America to an elevation of more than fourteen thousand feet.

brown wooden fence on brown field near brown and white mountain during daytime

The views are incredible at top there and as you scale over nine thousand feet in elevation you’ll drive through five different climate zones.

Mesa Verde National Park

Now if you’re into history you can stop at the Mesa Verde National Park it’s located about a seven hours drive from Denver, Mesa Verde is home to the largest archaeological preserve in the US.

green trees on brown rocky mountain during daytime

It’s best known for its cliff palace which is built back in the 12th century.


Monument Valley

Now we’re going to explore Monument Valley now located right on the Arizona Utah border. Monument valley is known for its towering sandstone buttes it is often the backdrop to many movies.

silhouette of hills at golden hour

It’s hard to believe how tall these beauts are until you see them in person they tower a whopping 1000 feet above the desert floor Navajo legend describes these buttes as carcasses of past defeated monsters.

Now one of the best views of monument valley is at forest gump’s point you’ll get that iconic shot where forest decided to end his run.

Grand Canyon

Now afterwards we’re gonna visit the Grand Canyon known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world it’s a one mile deep 207 mile long gorge that has been carved and sculpted by the Colorado river.

brown rocky mountain under white clouds during daytime

The Grand canyon is home to endless activities and forms of exploration nearly 5.5 million people come to visit this canyon every year and it’s easy to see why while


We’re still in Arizona we’re going to visit Sedona now located in the north of the state about 50 minute drive outside of flagstaff.

Sedona is the perfect mixture of red rock with green pine forest one thing interesting about Sedona is that it’s believed to be home to vortexes which are centers of energy that are perfect for meditation self-exploration and yoga.

All of Sedona is considered a vortex but one of the strong centers of energy is at the vortex of bell rock people claim that there’s just something magical that energizes you as you hike the rock

Even if you’re not in dwarf Texas and meditation Sedona is a great place to go hiking and do other outdoor sports which is such a special place.

New Mexico


Now we’re gonna head to New Mexico to visit Shiprock now this may be one of the most random and unique rock structures I’ve ever seen.

brown sand field during sunset

what i think is so interesting about Shiprock is the volcanic spines that lead up to it they are just these massive rock walls that seem to go on forever I mean I’ve never seen anything like it the rock is sacred to the Navajos.

They named it the rock with wings now from far away the rock doesn’t look that big up close it’s huge with a height of 1583 feet and which is such a bizarre place.


Now after we’re gonna head over to New Mexico’s capital Albuquerque if any of you are Breaking Bad fans you’ll know the iconic series was filmed here.

brown mountain under blue sky during daytime

One thing that I think is awesome that they do in Albuquerque is hold an International balloon fiesta which happens during the first week of October. I mean such a beautiful site that fills up the New Mexico horizon.

White Sands National Park

Now another beautiful place in New Mexico is White Sands National Park, i mean I’ve seen a lot of sand dunes in my life but what makes these ones special is their striking white color located about a three hours drive from Albuquerque.

white snow covered field during daytime

The dunes are made up of the mineral called gypsum which gives them their unique color if you ever find yourself in southern mexico make sure to visit this national park.

Las Vegas

Now afterwards we’re gonna head over to Las Vegas now located in the very southern tip of Nevada. Las Vegas is known all over the road for its flashy hotels and endless casinos.

welcome to fabulous las vegas nevada signage

It’s this massive city that’s built right in the middle of the desert when you visit you can take a drive down the strip or visit some of the country’s biggest casino hotels.

Valley of fire

Las Vegas: Day Trip to Valley of Fire State Park 2022 - Viator

If you want to escape the city you can venture out to the valley of fire state park it’s located about a 45-minute drive outside Las Vegas and it’s home to striking red rock formations and what incredible place.

Los Angeles

Now afterwards we’re going to visit Los Angeles now located in Southern California about five hours drive from Las Vegas, Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the US.

aerial photo of concrete buildings under cloudy sky

it’s famous for its Mediterranean climate diversity and is basically the capital of the entertainment industry.

There are a lot of amazing things to do there you can visit the Griffith observatory to get great views of the city or go check out the Santa Monica pier.

Toronto pinnacles

Now from LA you can head into the California desert to visit the Toronto pinnacles now located about three hours drive outside of LA.

CN tower, Canada

The Trona pinnacles are made up of over 500 rox buyers with something over 140 feet high, I mean it’s an alien landscape out there definitely worth checking out.


Saw-Tooth Mountain

Sawtooth National Forest - Wikipedia

NOW we’re gonna head up to Idaho to visit the Saw-Tooth Mountain Range now located in central Idaho the Saw-Toothare incredible mountains named for their jagged peaks. I just couldn’t believe how blue and clear the water is.

St Anthony Sand Dun

Another cool place in Idaho is the St Anthony Sand Dunes, this place is bizarre it’s over 10 000 acres of sand dunes right next to some farmland and it just feels so out of place.

St. Anthony Sand Dunes - Visit Idaho

But the whole area is the ultimate playground some of the dunes reach 400 feet high now if you love riding dune buggies or dirt bikes this is the place you gotta go.

It’s just such an epic place you gotta visit if you’re ever in Idaho.

Shoshone Falls

while we’re still in Idaho we’re gonna head over to Shoshone Falls now located on the snake river, Shoshone falls is referred to as the Niagara falls of the west and is 212 feet high and over 1 000 feet wide.

Visit Shoshone Falls - How To Plan A Trip to the Niagara of the West

You can park right by it so it’s not too difficult to get to. Honestly such an incredible place you gotta visit if you’re in Idaho.


Bonneville Salt Flats

Now after Idaho we’re going down to Utah to visit the famous Bonneville Salt Flats the salt flats are located about two hours west of salt lake city it’s one of the craziest locations in Utah.

person in white shirt walking on beach during daytime

And the world it’s basically 30 000 acres of mud covered in a layer of salt there’s no vegetation so all you see is white and the surrounding mountains the salt flats have been featured in many music videos and movies such as pirates of the Caribbean.

Since the salt is completely flat the world’s fastest land record has been set here if you do go be cautious about driving on the salt because you can sync your car if the salt isn’t dry.

Now when it rains the salt flats become the world’s largest mirror and it’s just a truly a surreal place that you have to visit if you’re ever in Utah.


brown rock formation during golden hour

Now we’re gonna head down to Moab located in Utah this may be one of the best places to go if you want to be at the center of the action. There’s so many things and places around Moab you can do and explore. One of my favorites is the Fisher Towers.

Fisher Towers

it’s just about a 40 minutes drive outside of Moab it’s home to the titan tower which is claimed to be the largest freestanding rock tower in the US with a prominence of 700 feet.

Grand Canyon, Arizona during daytime

I mean freaking crazy you can do about a four mile round trip hike and experience all the towers from below and which is such a cool hike with incredible views also there’s the nearby castle valley which is home to impressive mesas in the castle ton tower.

Corona Arch

Now another cool spot right outside of Moab is Corona Arch now to get to the arch it’s a fairly easy hike of 2.4 miles round trip.

elephant trunk rock formation

If you want to avoid the heat I recommend doing the hike early in the morning or in the evening it’s just such a beautiful arch.

Arches National Park

The nearest national park to Moab is Arches it’s located just a few minutes outside the city it’s home to one of Utah’s most iconic symbols to the delicate arch.

brown rocky cliff under blue sky

Now to get to the Delica arch it’s about a three mile round trip hike, it actually is a huge arch. Witnessing one of Utah’s most famous locations Arches National Park is also home to more beautiful rock formations that you have to check out.

Zion National Park

Now after we’re going to visit Zion National Park, Zion is just out of this world, the pictures and videos don’t do his justice it’s home to steep red rock cliffs that are thousands of feet high.

brown mountains with forest

One of my favorite and most famous places in Zion is the hike the angel’s landing, it’s about a five mile round trip hike that’s famous for its sketchy chain trail.

Crossed the bridge over the virgin river and headed up the trail hiked up some steep switch backs until you reached the top angel’s lining is famous for its thousand-foot drop-offs and chains that lead the way. I hope you can hike angel’s landing sometime in your life afterwards.

Bryce Canyon National Park

We’re going to visit Bryce Canyon National Park located about two hours drive from Zion. Bryce canyon is famous for its crimson colored hoodoos there are more hoodoos here than anywhere else on earth.

brown canyon

When you visit Bryce canyon the best viewpoints are on its rim of the amphitheater such as sunrise and sunset point you can also hike down the canyon to get up close and personal with the Hudus.

If you come in the winter time the white snow contrasted with the orange rock creates an incredible sight definitely add this to your USA bucket list.


Florida Keys

After we’re going to head over to the Florida Keys. So the Florida Keys are coral kit archipelago looking right off of southern Florida it’s basically the american version of the Bahamas.

white canoe near palm tree

What’s really impressive is that all the Islands are connected by a road making it one of the coolest drives in the US. I was out in Florida and i really wanted to drive all the way to the end of the keys.

When you drive on the bridges you’ll be able to see the blue caribbean sea, one of the most impressive ones is the seven mile bridge at the time of its construction it was one of the longest bridges in the world.

I mean just looks like it never ends the final destination on the keys takes you to the city of key west it’s the most southern place in the continent of the US.


After the keys we’re going to visit Miami. Now located in southeastern Florida, Miami has a lot going on if you love warm weather amazing beaches and a great nightlife.

high-angle photography of two red and white vehicles on concrete road between trees and buildings at daytime

You gotta give Miami a visit summers may be hot and humid here but it’s a great place to come during the winter months.


Another one of Florida’s major cities is Orlando. Now located in central Florida Orlando is one of the most visited cities in the world.

city skyline across body of water during daytime

Thanks to more than a dozen theme parks one of my favorites is universal Orlando I really wanted to come to visit harry potter world.

You can experience the magic of Hogwarts or take a walk down Diagon alley. Just make sure to watch out for the fire breathing dragon.

St Augustine

Now we’re going to visit historic St Augustine founded all the way back in 1565 St Augustine claims to be the oldest city in the USA.

6 Reasons to Live in St. Augustine, FL | Dream Finders Blog | Dream Finders  Homes

It was settled by a Spanish conquistador and was the capital of Spanish Florida for 200 years today the sea is full of history.



Now we’re going to head back up to Alaska to visit Anchorage. Now located on a peninsula in the cook inlet Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska with over 40 percent of the population living there.

cars on road during night time

One cool thing about Anchorage is that it’s equal distances to cities such as Tokyo Frankfurt and New York and it is a 10 hour flight from 90 of the industrialized world making it a major hub for international cargo flights.

Denali National Park

Now from Anchorage you can make the two-hour drive to one of the most wild places in Alaska, Denali National Park.

green mountains under white clouds during daytime

It’s home to the Denali mountain which is not only the highest point in north america but it’s also the third most prominent and isolated peak in the world. I mean it’s just a behemoth of a mountain.


Big Island

now after Alaska we’re gonna head back to Hawaii to visit the Big Island now also known as the island of Hawaii.

This is the largest and youngest of the Hawaiian islands it’s also the most volcanically active so you gotta check out the Hawaii volcanoes national park.

red lava

If you can I definitely recommend taking a helicopter flight to see the volcanoes from above or you can take a boat tour to see the lava from the sea I mean just such an unbelievable place.


Now the next island over is Maui if you want to relax and just have a good time Maui is the place to go it’s full of incredible resorts beaches and snorkeling spots.

One of my favorites is Black Rock Beach, it’s this great beach located by some resorts and what i like about it is there’s a fun clifton spot

long exposure photography of seaside

It’s also a great place to snorkel and you might even see some turtles while you’re there you can also visit the Haleakala national park to experience the sunrise or sunset at 10 000 feet high


Now we’re going to visit the island of Oahu now of all the islands in Hawaii i have to say that Oahu is my favorite. If you love hiking surfing and adventures Oahu is the place for you.


A Look Back at Waikiki's Surf History—and Why It's Still the Best Place to  Learn the Sport | Condé Nast Traveler

One of the most popular places on Oahu is Waikiki it’s a perfect combination of city and ocean. The beach is lined with high-rise hotels and shops it is perfect place to surf and catch some waves.

North Shore

Another one of the most famous places on Oahu is the North Shore. The North Shore is 17 miles of coastline that is home to some of the greatest surfing in the world.

Oahu's North Shore, Hawaii: Insider's Guide to Suring and Island Fun

One of the most well-known beaches on the north shore is the Bonsai Pipeline, the waves are created by a super sharp and dangerous reef that causes the waves to break just right during the winter months.

some of the most popular surfing Competitions are held here and the waves can reach over 20 feet high if you get a chance you gotta visit Hawaii at least once in your life there’s just something magical about those islands.

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