Top 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL Places In Ireland

Top 10 best places to visit in Ireland Ireland is one of the most popular countries in Europe this nature and culture-filled place will be etched in your mind as your eyes sparkle from the beauty of this European country.

Ireland is widely known as the land of scholars with more Nobel prize winners for literature than any other country in the world’s also not a surprise then that Ireland’s capital, Dublin was designated a UNESCO city of literature in 2010.

Ireland has so much to offer visitors let’s now jump right into the top 10 places to visit in Ireland.


Indeed words cannot fully describe the cliffs of Moher until you see them with your own eyes the warm spring and raw nature will leave you in awe cliffs of Moher are the island’s most visited place of attraction for obvious reasons standing at an impressive 702 feet above the water

The cliffs have earned themselves as one of the world’s longest cliffs the views from Galway bay and Erin islands are unbelievably pleasing to the eyes the evening,

When the crowds begin to disperse you can catch the most beautiful sunset your eyes will ever gaze on a walk along the trail will let you have the opportunity to take everything in the cliffs and mow her all at once.


A 120-mile-long scenic drive in southwest Ireland the ring of Kerry is no doubt one of the most beautiful scenic routes in Ireland takes three hours to go around the ring of carrying non-stop this is highly unlikely considering the remarkable

Natural wonders that will beckon you to stop by you can start the trip anywhere but it is advisable, to begin with, Kenmare like most people the large expanse of Atlantic ocean views will leave you jaw-dropped your heart may literally stop for a second.

Let’s not forget the stunning islands that grace the ring have to carry together with the towering mountains here’s the perfect place to have some outdoor games with your loved ones.

All thanks to the beautiful landscapes history lovers will have a fantastic time at places like The Iron Age Forts and The Ogham stones.


The rock of Cashel also known as Cashel of the kings where saint Patrick’s is arguably the most iconic archaeological site in Ireland.

It is also the most visited heritage site in Ireland no wonder queen Elizabeth ii of great Britain found this place worthy enough to visit when she was in Ireland the rock of Cashel is deeply seated on a limestone rock formation right in the golden vale.

The rock of Cashel may not be unfamiliar to anyone who has come across the emerald of the island but even that does not do enough justice to its astounding beauty medieval buildings like the Romanesque and the 12th century round tower make the rock Cashel very distinctive among its contemporaries many enjoy the exhibitions and the visual shows as side attractions the rock of Cashel is acclaimed to be the seat of the high kings of Munster before the norman invasions this is definitely a place for royalties


Galway is the third largest city in Ireland and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland this stupendous city on Ireland’s west coast is where the river Carib meets the Atlantic ocean immensely famous for its ever-vibrant street life and fantastic foods

Galway city is the kind that gives you an insight into how to live life to the fullest the festivities and theatrical activities will have you hooked to the same spot for hours go on a weekend and you’ll be mesmerized by the magicians and street performers of high expertise

You can target July for more defined and captivating shows since the city holds its art festival in this period Galway city is where creativity meets with art. Art lovers don’t miss out on this destination.


Located in the province of Munster is the prestigious limerick in Ireland’s national city of culture thus you can rest assured that limerick deserves all your attention as far as Ireland’s culture is concerned the bell table art center alone will make you scream for excitement with state of the art productions and theatrics.

The Eva international festival is hosted by limerick’s art gallery is one of the most attended art festivals in Ireland by tourists and locals one place you can never miss in limerick is king john’s castle notable for its interactive exhibitions and CGI displays

Other fascinating places worth visiting in limerick are st mary’s cathedral Frank McCourt museum and the newton perry branch at the milk market nicely cooked foods in your day are made.


Ever seen a valley so captivating and beautiful that you wish you could build your house just next to it well that’s what the Boyne valley does to its visitor culture arts castles and towers abound here in all their captivating glory the landscapes attract gulf lovers.

The Boyne valley is now in a bow to some of the nicest golf courses in Ireland the terra brooch and book of kells would have you gaping at the most skilled hands for crafts in the whole of Ireland.

If you love music or just want to hear what traditional Ireland music sounds like then find your way to the pubs of Ireland.


The capital of Northern Ireland is one of the best places to visit in Ireland the famed RMS Titanic was built in Belfast judging from the rate at which tourists frequent every year titanic.

Belfast has to be the most popular landmark in Belfast with guided tours on the ground to take you around this star-shaped building you can rest assured you’re in for a fantastic time the impressive Waterford hall also deserves a worthy mention for its outstanding exhibitions all year round performers of high repute come from all over the world to have a glimpse of the waterfront hall while also entertaining visitors.

The ulster museum tana guardians HMS Carolina and the grand opera house are some of the finest wonders of Belfast you can say that no one enters Belfast and wants to come out in a hurry.


The Aran island caught the world’s attention in 1934 via the popular documentary man of Aaron.

Since then it has become a source of popular tourist attention in Ireland Erin island is made up of three very enthralling islands Inishmore, Inishmaan, and Inisheer from the largest to the smallest island

These islands are equipped with rugged looks and unique natural beauty such as the experience you get on these islands beasts that any island tour might have embarked on in the past the rich culture and archaeological heritage are second to none remember to stop by at the Aonghasa for a great time.

The Erin islands are a blessing to mankind very deserving of your presence.


The Burren national park is arguably home to fascinating landscapes in Ireland spreading an impressive 1500 hectares expanse of land Buren is, where to find the most exceptional flowers and plants at the park account for 70 percent of Ireland’s species of flowers go down the history lane by visiting the monolith tombs of ancient Gaelic tribes the landscape’s natural wonders and

ancient artifacts are the factors that chase hikers naturalists and history enthusiasts to Buren national park every year.

It is now quite clear why Buren national park is one of the few six managed by the national parks and wildlife service of the department of cultural heritage and Gaelic in Ireland.


The town of Sligo may be small but it’s one of the most welcoming places in Ireland it’s home to the popular Nakhra mountain, where the queen might be supposedly resting according to historical myths world-class adventure is guaranteed at Sligo the breathtaking beaches and cairn stones and pretty townhouses.

The walking trails promise you a very exciting walk around Sligo where the winds happily lap at your skin the glen car waterfalls and wild mountains like the bell blue bin mountain gives credence to the sole fact that Sligo the natural backbone of Ireland Ireland for sure has all you need to enjoy your vacation and tourism when you visit these places and travel tips we’re confident that you’re about to have the best time of your life in Ireland.   

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