Top 10 Most BEAUTIFUL Medieval Towns In Europe

There’s no match for Europe when it comes to diversity in history in fact, no matter where you travel you’ll likely come across the remnants of great empires.

These areas are often abandoned monuments on the other side some areas may have withstood the trial of history and become incorporated into the modern age.

Numerous European cities have succeeded in keeping their medieval characteristics beauty charisma and elegance.

After each wonderful era of civilization, there are several well-preserved medieval cities ranging from great massive walls to little hamlets with fortresses and architectural meccas.

Here we’ll bring you through the top 10 most beautiful medieval towns in Europe.

Be sure to catch some travel tips and tricks along the way let us know which of these places you’ve been to in the comments section.

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Prague without a doubt is among the loveliest places on the planet to explore this area has an unending amount of magnificence due to its unique combination of gothic and renaissance architecture.

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So if you want to avoid the people get off the regular path several of the greatest discoveries in Prague are not listed in manuals the city of Prague is a Three-Dimensional architectural curriculum.

It’s romanesque monasteries and basements, gothic churches, baroque mansions and parks global grand nouveau structures, and a one-of-a-kind cubist architectural design set.

Apart from the rest of the entire planet, you wouldn’t want to be a master of specific creative genres to enjoy the city’s architectural variety Prague’s ancient parks are among the city’s most treasured assets the earliest park was built in the middle ages and it gives stunning sights.


Visitors and tourism gurus have always believed that Italy is indeed a unique location hence why the region has been a bucket list goal for nearly everybody.

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It’s reasonable to state that Italy’s attractions are unparalleled with its excellent food, significant ancient monuments, highly recognized art, gorgeous little villages, and equally stunning cities, rural villages, and coasts to enjoy the magnificent glory of Italy you can visit Rome Venice Florence Tuscan hills towns Milan and many more sites.


Carcassonne recognized as among the most magnificent walled cities in France is an ideal vacation for anyone interested in medieval design Unesco has designated this remarkable historic structure as a world heritage site.

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The city offers great views where you can enjoy your tour of Europe with your friends or family.

Carcassonne has a number of hotels with affordable price packages you can also get the best deals here, the visitors can participate in several activities in Carcassonne to explore the natural beauty of this PLACE.


This city was considered a peer to Florence in terms of artists and civilization, and it still retains a diversity of artwork and structural masterpieces The majestic cathedral of Santa with its engraved limestone front and multi-colored bell tower stands out among Siena’s primarily brick design architecture.

Siena Travel Guide - Tourist Journey

The inside of the cathedral is a museum including masterpieces by notable painters and architects like Bernini Lorenzo, and Ghiberti donatello.

However, art masterpieces are not the main draw the narrow ancient lanes and spacious malls urge you to explore every year the massive sloping city center has been the venue of the palio a wild sporting event.


Rothenberg’s charming drumlin hamlet appears to be trapped in a trinity specifically in medieval periods, the community formed surrounding Germany’s king Conrad iii royal palace and established itself as a powerhouse.

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In the medieval period due to its location at the intersection of vital european trading roads, Rothenberg including its great imperial monument was the second biggest city in the year 1400.

However, hardship during several years of war brought the town to slumber allowing it to be very well conserved.

After you get your mind over Gothenburg’s magnificence you’ll realize that there are many activities to do you may spend time enjoying your visit to the renowned medieval criminal museum and wandering along the lovely walled city-protected medieval wall is exceptionally stunning to walk around.

When the tourist crowds have departed with an ancient blacksmith store a bustling business center a fantastic Mom and Pop restaurant you’ll feel like you’ve gone thousands of years back.


if you think that the Hamlet from disney’s beauty and the beast is a beautiful location Colmar would be the place to visit.

Colmar vividly decorated half-timbered homes and crying willow trees added here to the banks of the waterways from the loch river creating the perfect picture from a postcard.

14 Best Things to Do in Colmar, France (+Map & Tips for Your Visit)

Palmer’s must-see sights are the fishmonger’s area where you can hire a boat and a variety of famous structures in one of Europe’s great holiday fairs the greatest medieval destination is the Notre dame art gallery.

That is located at the base of the town’s church and has the greatest artworks and drawings from the medieval period throughout the upper rhine valley area.

Although the classic fashion charm of Colmar certainly gives it the hallmark of France’s ulcer area. It is the incredible wine heritage that has cemented this on the list of top medieval cities.

Colmar began only as a small vineyard producing village and rapidly established itself as the area’s wine sultan, this is rather amazing given that the ULSAS area is well known as the wine root.

During the middle ages, Holberg whit port served as a shipping terminal for goods headed for distant parts of Europe. Nowadays the area is known for its exquisite fortified wines such as muscat alse riesling and pinot gris, if you’ve been to Colmar tell us what you love about this medieval town.


Bruges is indeed a place so gorgeous that you could be mistaken for believing you’re now in an actual fairy tale. Bruges is widely acclaimed as being the most attractive European city.

It's getting like Disneyland': Bruges pulls up drawbridge on tourists |  Belgium | The Guardian

Its old empire elegance seems to have an originality that’s not even frequently replicated in towns when flocks of tourists discover its appearance yet nevertheless it succeeded to keep its appeal.

Bruges is a magnificent combination of ancient buildings, cobblestone streets, and postcard-perfect courtyards all bordered by vast and tranquil waterways.

It’s really no surprise that the town has been the most renowned tourist attraction in the country including its outstanding monuments, ancient breweries, world-class bakeries, attractive accommodations and excellent restaurants.

  San Gimignano

  San Gimignano though being much smaller than the neighboring city seems to retain the identical traditional look.

The key feature that distinguishes San Gimignano from the other cities on our ranking is its hillside hamlet which is lined with numerous medieval fortifications these skyscraping buildings transform this town into a medieval city.

San Gimignano: Tuscany's Powerful, Towerful Town by Rick Steves

And it also seems to be one of the most favorite Tuscan places to travel to   San Gimignano does have 15 possibly the best castle houses but the little community formerly had 72 of them.

The town’s greatest ruling people typically would have their own building the altitude of which indicated the owner’s authority, most communities in the area especially Florence were really crowded with dwelling structures.

Like these most were destroyed by invasions natural disasters and development. It’s incredible that nearly a handful of these ancient towers may still be found in one medieval town today.


Bern is a must-see from medieval cities in Europe the magnificent historic town is among Europe’s most attractive towns. It’s filled with arcades from the medieval period and fountains depicting diverse creative personalities.

The Bern Old Town – shopping and cultural experiences of a special kind -  Bern Welcome

If we’re talking about artists, Bern contains the most extensive archives of Paul Klee’s work aside from the historical magnificence and ancient structures the city also has a magnificent river that runs through it making it notably attractive on your next vacation to Switzerland.

Lilla Fjord the La Fjord

It has been the ultimate combination of nature and historic buildings it’s a must-see destination in Hungary. Originally planned to be a hotel but it evolved into a city and a wonderful resort throughout time with a waterfall scenic tunnels, trekking routes, and even hanging gardens encircled by the magnificent fortress Lila fjord is an ideal location for nature enthusiasts.

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Medieval cities in Europe are historically famous tourist destinations there are several places to love in Europe however most tourists emphasize culture and traditions you’re surely missing out on things if you do not include these medieval cities in your itinerary.

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