The Land of Serenity, Korea

The Land of Serenity at Dawn is a name that has long been used to refer to the Korean peninsula before the split between South and North Korea, with serene temple-dotted mountains and tranquil forests at dawn on mainland Asia. there is. But the word that best describes the state of South Korea in the years leading up to the pandemic was anything but peaceful. With a cultural explosion in art, cuisine, literature and cinema, with famous films such as ‘Parasite’, which won an Academy Award in February 2020, the country is on many travelers’ maps.

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But the mysteries of rural Korea are unknown even to many urban Koreans. According to urban planning statistics, 92% of the country’s population now lives in urban areas, up from just 39% in 1960. “I lost myself in quiet thatched hamlets, peaceful Buddhist temples nestled against mountains, sanctuaries of glistening dark skies, and laid-back ‘slow food’ towns. Preserving his culinary heritage, embarked on a two-week trip to hike and explore the Korean countryside.

📷 by @nytchangster

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