The HYPE Top 10 overrated destinations around the world.

Top 10 most overrated travel attractions however the plot twist is most of these locations are heavily overrated and often leave their visitors feeling disappointed don’t get us wrong.

We’re not saying that these locations are to be avoided we’re just trying to paint the right picture for you so you won’t set yourself up for disappointment.


If you ask any new yorker to recommend a tourist destination there’s one place that they will tell you to avoid at all costs, it’s the Times Square neighborhood.

It’s an extremely overcrowded place with hundreds of giant billboards and people walking around wearing creepy costumes, it’s safe to say that times square is basically nightmare material if you’re going there on a shopping trip.

Then you’re just going to waste your time the only excusable reason that would make you pass by the neighborhood as if, you’re going to attend a Broadway show.


The Minnetonka rainbow mountains or The Montana de Siete Colores is a destination that skyrocketed to fame thanks to social media and Instagram influencers unless you’re visiting rainbow mountain in august.

You probably won’t see the same sight that can be seen on Instagram photos these photos are a product of heavy editing in photoshop to make the mountain’s color appear so vibrant and lively.

We’re not downplaying this travel destination because even if it’s not as vibrant in real life as it is in photos, it still is magnificent now that we’ve established that the rainbow mountains might not be what you expect there’s another bump in the road that might steer some people away from visiting.

It’s quite a journey to arrive at the mountain’s location it takes a two-hour road trip then another three-mile long hike if you’re coming from Cusco or another three-and-a-half-hour road trip through,

the district of Pitumarca the journey takes way too much time and you will be exhausted by the end of the day.


who wouldn’t want to take a photo next to the Hollywood sign for years taking a photo next to the big bold letters of the Hollywood sign has been almost a mandatory thing that travelers do when they arrive in Los Angeles.

You will always find hundreds of people going on an hour-long hike from Griffith park or the brush canyon trail just to snap a photo.

There’s so much more to Los Angeles than the Hollywood sign so do yourself and everyone a favor and try to explore the rest of the city instead.


If you’re a fan of the blockbuster fantasy franchise lord of the ring then it’s almost certain that the Hobbiton movie set is a destination that, you have always wanted to visit lord of the rings director made the right choice when he picked New Zealand as the movie’s filming location.

it’s even better that they’ve kept the set preserved so fans can live the fantasy as they walk through the breathtaking scene that was just created for their favorite movie.

But be well prepared to be disappointed, guided tours usually cost around 80 to 90 dollars which some might find understandable as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime type of situation what’s disappointing is the fact that you won’t get the opportunity to explore Hobbiton freely all the tours are heavily guided and you won’t find yourself moving quickly from one place to another in a matter of minutes.

It’s a frustrating feeling seeing all these incredible locations and not being able to explore them on your own.


Little mermaid statue Copenhagen is home to many spectacular locations and we assure you that the little mermaid statute isn’t one of them as much as it’s unimpressive it’s very overrated.

It has actually been voted as one of the world’s major disappointments make use of your precious time and go on a stroll on the colorful harbor of Nyhavn.

Perhaps visit the marketplace of torval hovern and try out some of the most delicious gourmet food or explore Tivoli gardens which were Walt Disney’s favorite amusement park

and was the inspiration behind Disneyland


Everyone around the world have this image of the French Quarter located in New Orleans as being a place where the locals play jazz music and enjoy themselves while celebrating and partying in the streets let’s not forget about mardi gras unfortunately when you visit the French Quarter you will be met with a site that’s completely different from what you are expecting.

It’s no longer the charming neighborhood that it used to be you probably won’t encounter any locals unless you’re going to a bar you will find more middle-aged drunks than you’ve ever seen in your life finding a restaurant that serves good food without astronomical prices is rare the whole neighborhood is overcrowded and cramped and you’ll want to leave as soon as you arrive if you want to visit a lively place that remains as advertised head to the Marigny neighborhood in New Orleans


Upon first glance of Mount Rushmore, you will be in awe at how impressive it is to carve presidents into the mountains and to even think that this was done in the early 20th century when technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now is mind-boggling once the initial surprise wears off

you’ll start to realize how underwhelming the sculptures are photos on the internet have exaggerated how big the sculptures look when in reality they’re much smaller they’re still impressive however don’t set your expectation too high before you visit Mount Rushmore


do you want the gift of gab well we can assure you that kissing a giant stone isn’t going to make you any wiser or smarter? we would advise you to instead do nothing and just waste time and save your money on this sculpture.

However it’s to a certain extent in 2011 the travel website lonely planet published a survey about this quote-unquote miraculous stone and people voted it as the most overrated tourist destination in the continent of Europe 73 of the people voted recommended that it’s better to skip going to the blarney stone despite that survey person from all around the world still flock to the castle to kiss the rock the biggest issue is even if you overlook sanitation concerns kissing a rock is just kissing a rock there’s nothing exciting about doing so, in contrast, the blarney castle itself is a fantastic location ready to be explored


when people think about the champs-Elysees they associate it with romance anyone who has Paris written on their bucket list probably has the Champs-Elysees written under it because who wouldn’t want to visit the city of love.

You’d be surprised to find that there’s not much to the world-famous champs-Elysees except that it’s just a shopping street while the oc de Triomphe and the tree-lined avenue are two picturesque locations the champs alize, on the other hand, is not as impressive you will find the street lined with major brands such as Louis Vuitton Hugo boss and Hermes as for the street sidewalk you will encounter tens of souvenir vendors selling plastic Eiffel towers to unsuspecting tourists


we have the peeing

boy statue translated to a little man urinating the mannequin piss is a Belgian bronze statue of a boy peeing into a fountain located in Brussels city center.

While some might find the statue absolutely hilarious it’s definitely not something worth going out of your way to visit it’s usually crowded with tourists trying to take pictures of the tiny statue

unless you’re already in the area and just passing by it really isn’t worth the effort knowing that Belgium is packed full of stunning historical sites and castles that will make your trip unforgettable

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