LUSCIOUS Lake Toba & Bali View Top 13 Destinations To Visit in Indonesia

You might not know about Indonesia is that its name derives from the greek Indus and Nesos which is roughly translated to the Indian islands.

The archipelago is nestled between the Indian and Pacific oceans with territories in both Oceania and Asia making it a transcontinental country we’ve rounded up a list of the top 15 best things to see and do in Indonesia.

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Banda Islands

The Banda Islands are a volcanic group of 10 small volcanic islands in the middle of the Banda sea.

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Its main town is called Bandanaira and is located on the island of the same name up until the late 19th century.

This was the world’s main exporter of nutmeg and mace. Today it is by far one of the most popular destinations for both snorkeling and scuba diving.


One of the top diving sites in Indonesia and a part of the Bunaken national marine park. The island is also known for its award-winning hotels and spa resorts.

Snorkeling Bunaken Marine Park - Two Fish Divers Indonesia

The best time to visit it would be during the dry season lasting from May to September to get a full clear view of its waters.

Its highly diverse marine life includes over 50 coral species all sharing the sea waters with reef sharks, sea turtles, barracuda, and saltwater crocodiles.

Orangutan of Borneo

The Borneo orangutan is a species of orangutan native to the island of Borneo these are the great apes of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Best Time to See Orangutans - Natural World Safaris

The inhabitants of Borneo’s rainforest and here is also one place where you’ll get to see them in the wild as the islands host several sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers with the sole goal of protecting this endangered species.

Lake Toba

Tucked away in the hinterland of northern Sumatra, The lake boasts a luscious blue and green scenery that makes it worth the journey.

Lake Toba the Largest in South Asia and the deepest in the word

the lake sits on the caldera ancient super volcano and it’s an ideal place for picnics swimming and backpacking here is where you’ll also find the largest waterfall in the country.

 Beaches of Bali

A perfect spot for surfing and sunsets this coastline is still dramatically underrated as most visitors usually don’t take on the opportunity to explore some of the best-hidden locations on these shores.

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Those who do are more than likely to be greeted by secret coves and beach shacks as well as wide stretches of sparkling white sand in such places as balagan. Balaban blue lagoon Ahmed and karma beach are still out there for you to explore.

Raja Ampat Islands

Often listed as one of the top places for canoeing and diving, this district consists mainly of four large islands and a smaller cluster of islands and is located at the very heart of the world’s coral triangle.

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No matter which island you choose you’ll be amazed by the local karst formations, the lush vegetation, and the breathtakingly clear waters you’ll also be likely to spot more than a few birds of paradise alongside other endemic creatures such as the Papuan rainbow fish.


Located on the Indonesian portion of Borneo’s island this is also a top destination for all adventure-seeking explorers of its remote jungles snaking rivers and rugged mountain ranges.

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This is not usually a destination recommended for the faint-hearted. However, the hiking slopes and deadly rapids might prove more of a challenge even for those seeking their first authentic rainforest track.


The largest island in Asia and the third-largest island in the world bested only by Greenland and New Guinea and home to Mount Kinabalu the tallest peak in Malaysia.

Borneo Island: A Handy Guide To The Malay Archipelago

Both the Kapuas and the Mahakam Rivers make up the leading trade and commerce routes in a land that’s mostly dominated by dense rainforests.

The floral population is mainly known for its enormous epiphytes and the aptly named monster flower the world’s largest flower.

Orangutans, Gibbons the clouded Leopard, and the now-extinct Sumatran rhinoceros are just some of the indigenous mammal species you’re likely to find in this area.

Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud

The adventure destination is also the natural habitat and sanctuary of the Balinese long-tailed monkey.

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Besides a fun afternoon, visitors are also encouraged to visit the coffee plantations and sacred temples surrounding the area a visit to one of the Unesco listed rice terraces will help you make the most of your trip.

Mount Bromo

Indonesia’s most iconic volcano is the place hikers naturally add to their must-see list a genuine spectacular location for hiking and watching the sunrise at the top of a crater.

Mount Bromo - Wikipedia

Hikers either travel solo or as part of a group tour beware though being the young volcano that it is mount Bromo has also been known for spewing a white thick sulfurous smoke adding to some of its areas being kept off the public path.

Komodo National Park

A Unesco world heritage site the park hosts no less than four natural wonders among all of its panoramic views, gorgeous beaches, and abundant wildlife.

Among them is the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard you would be wise to keep your distance and follow your guide as its bites are actually quite deadly.

Indonesia Considers Closing Komodo Island Because Poachers Keep Stealing  the Dragons | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine

The two islands Rinca and Padar where you’ll get one of the most beautiful views of the bays and blue waters, pink beach one that is true to its name.

Finally Bat Island, the one place where sunsets get hijacked by a surge of bats that rise from the nearby mangrove forest it’s a site like no other.


Lombok is a beach blessed destination like no other. Lombok is also part of a lesser Sunda islands chain and a favorite destination for surfing. No roads lead from anywhere and locals rather get around by walking, cycling, or horse riding.

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The island’s also famous for its waterfalls and the air callock hot springs one truly magical location where the pure mineral waters offer a source of relaxation and therapeutic care.


Otherwise known as just Yogia, this autonomous region is one of the oldest in the whole of Indonesia famous for its temples and heritage monuments.

One of the main attractions here is the sultan’s palace or the Cretan which includes the sultan’s residences and the servant’s quarters.

Prambanan - Wikipedia

The aircraft museum and the carriage museum are also in the area the town was designed to follow a straight line that would run from the coast up to Mount Merapi.

This would then symbolize the strong connection between the sultan and both spirits of mount Merapi and the sea.

A simple walk down the streets will introduce travelers to shadow puppet shows Javanese street dancing and daily sites of locals playing chess games on large wooden sets as with the rest of the country the region is both friendly inviting and hardly unlike anything else

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