How To Plan A Trip To South America Top 20 Best Places to Visit in South America Travel Video 2021

South America is the region with extreme Variations in tallest driest greatest darkest and rarest climate activists always admire Brazil’s well-preserved Pantanal in contrast,

Those who are interested in shopping can pick trendy boutique shops in major cities such as Rio de Janeiro. You can also explore historical cultures in abandoned villages or lavish your eyes on breathtaking landscapes keep your eyes peeled till the end as it will feature the 20 best places in South America that every tourist should visit

  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is one of the most famous cities for visitors due to its vibrant festivals. After reaching Rio de Janeiro don’t miss the stunning views from Chris the redeemer and the beautiful sights from sugarloaf mountain.

We’ll suggest you take the train to reach there safely hiking is also a good option if you want to explore the natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro. Find some time to relax at Copacabana beach and enjoy a few of the jockey club’s famous shops and pubs

Angel Falls, Venezuela

This 979-meter natural waterfall known as kerepakupai in the local language is one of the breathtaking sites in Venezuela that attracts millions of tourists worldwide.

There’s no proper road structure to reach this point so you’ll have to fly to Canaima first. This uninterrupted waterfall is a perfect place for tourists who want to explore the natural beauty of South America.

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

You may have seen the largest salt flattened videos that offer a stunning view high chances are that you’ve seen the Salar de Uyuni.

The region’s infinite white vast stretches to ten thousand square kilometers and its breathtaking landscapes are truly captivating with their musky volcanic eruptions, colorful lagoons, and vast deserts.

You may also feel like you’ve landed on another universe try spotting the pink flamingos which can be seen all around the ponds.

Isla del sol, Bolivia

This place is also called the island of sun people who have preserved the traditions and languages. The beautiful hills of Isla del sol are a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset and sunrise.

Being a small island, you’ll have to use the boat to get there the massive lake and Isla del sol will enrich your soul and mind and makes you feel like you’re floating in an ocean.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina and brazil

One of the seven wonders of the world this majestic waterfall can also be visited from the Argentinian side where you can reach the paseo del Diablo pathway that leads you straight across devil’s throat which is another beautiful destination in the area.

Carthagina De Indias, Colombia

If you want to explore traditional buildings Colombia is among the most maintained historic towns in the region. Cartagena de Indias is a vibrant community with a Caribbean charm and a hospitable community.

This place was once the largest slave port you can also know more about the history of these people in the city the tourists can also enjoy walking across its vibrant roads ancient monuments and magnificent towers.

Mount Rorima, Venezuela

It’s a triple boundary point between three different countries and the best place to visit in South America. It’s actually a giant mountain that’s located in the south of the central city.

Reaching this point is a challenging task and then can take four to five days to hike to the top while hiking up to the mountain. You can also enjoy the bizarre sights with unusual geological structures.

Hundreds of waterfalls flowing down giant mountains and dizzying sites in all directions some the tourists consider it the best hike in the world due to its natural beauty.

Torres del Paine, Chile

The beautiful forest massive glaciers and spectacular mountains make it among Chile’s most attractive tourist destinations. If you love hiking, we will suggest you visit this place at the end of the season.

Torres del Paine can also lead you to the Chile national park which is the best place to visit there are different tracks and routes for the hikers to reach the top including Torres w trek and oath circuit which can take up to five to ten days to be completed.

Tayrona park, Colombia

It’s another historic location in South America that’s known for being home to the native Tyrone people. The wild nature of Tirona park offers stunning views and beautiful scenes.

The beaches here are surrounded by green hills offering you an unmatched scene, if you love scuba diving remember to visit Cabo Sabian. Tirona park is a historical place that also features some hidden archaeological sites.

El Chalten, Argentina

If you’re a hiker you’ll surely be in love with this place as it’s considered a dream place for hiking lovers the best thing about traveling to El Chalten is that tourists can enjoy long trips to see the hills rivers and glaciers.

They can return to the city for a warm shower and a nice hotel. They can also visit Cerro Torre and several other beautiful places by following the trail.

Iquitos, Peru

This city in Peru includes a wide range of wild animals and birds and visiting the forest and Iquitos is also a great plan to enjoy the wild flora and fauna.

It’s a great idea to spend a couple of days watching art galleries learning about the history of Iquitos and visiting some of the markets.

 Buenos aires, Argentina

This is a multicultural town with something like a variety of exhibitions music venues theaters and cultural centers.

Buenos Aires is one of the favorite neighborhoods because it’s vibrant and rich in tradition it’s among the most important communities for Italian refugees and today it reflects a distinct culture.

You can also enjoy the tango dances here and no doubt you will have to learn some moves from locals have you visited Buenos aires.

Perito Moreno Glacier

If you ever get a chance to see one glacier in your whole life we will suggest that you visit this glacier. This massive glacier is extending for 5 kilometers and rises 70 meters above the water’s surface.

Watching the ice deviating from the glacier and crashing into the water below is a scene that leaves an impeccable impression it should be included in your must-visit list while traveling to South America.

  Santiago, Chile

Santiago represents chile’s artistic administrative and financial capital in the HQ of numerous global firms. Santiago has been the hub of the country’s railways, roads, and highways that link the area to the harbors of San Antonio.

Towards the west allowing for access to the pacific ocean, the culture and local heritage of this place make it one of the best places in Chile.

Medellín, Colombia

Your trip to South America will be incomplete without visiting Medellín. This is the best place to explore the cultures and most visitors love this place for its cultural heritage.

Medellín is indeed an affordable destination to visit the daily budget below something you’d need in America from the street food to the accommodations your wallet will definitely thank you for it.


With more than 100 distinct species of hummingbirds and countless flower kinds, Ecuador is the most bio-diverse country in South America.

It has some excellent areas to observe a variety of flowers and animals. Galapagos Islands are famous for their biodiversity and rightly.

Bogotá, Colombia

Colombia’s colorful vibrant and vast capital is home to 10 million people the vibrancy of Colombia’s urban hub is driven in proportion by its dozens of unique genuine eating places, superb wines, and numerous gastronomic events.

you can also ask the locals where they prefer to dine as it’ll also help you to savor the local food at its best.

Machu Picchu, Peru

The remains of Machu Picchu hidden deep throughout the Andes seem to disclose the wonders of the Inca kingdom.

It’s also the best place to visit in South America with your friend and family members although the historical area attracts thousands of tourists each year some lesser-known treasures are hidden underneath its decades of history.

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