Alaska Vacation Travel Guide – BEST Things To Do In Alaska

During summertime in Alaska, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to take in the spectacular beauty of mountain ranges, clean water, courses bridant valleys, and green meadows that come in summertime explore breathtaking locations, and tasty cuisine, and indulge in adventurous outdoor activities.

Also, get up with animals as you’ve never experienced hiking fishing and paddling are all popular activities in the territory thanks to the state and national parks which are some of the best in the world

We’re going to count down the 10 best places to visit in Alaska in the summer and stay till the end because the best is yet to come


Ketchikan Alaska’s southernmost city is the first location of arrival for travelers arriving by crews the town’s main attractions are the misty fjords national monument, Annette island, and prince of wales ┬áisland

scenery of a river between mountains

The wilderness offers many nature excursions such as zip-lining between the rising forest and wildlife hiking in the mountains or visiting the coast to see humpback whales

 Whale sharks or other seaside wildlife various tour operators allow visitors to see the splendor of Alaska’s historical museums, spectacular waterfalls, and stunning panoramas.

The city also has a vibrant cultural scene with live music and theater and various shopping and dining options

Denali national park

The third-largest national park in the United States and the highest mountain in North America is Denali located midway between Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Visitors can witness many species such as wolves, moose, reindeer, and black bears while enjoying the park’s wonderful environment.

green mountains under white clouds during daytime

There are 167 different bird species in the park many identifiable wildlife species may be found in the region including Dallas, Goats, foxes, marmots, ground squirrels, and red squirrels visitors may see husky demonstrations at the sled dog kennels in addition to the hundreds of entertaining things to do at the park.

This park is one of the best places to visit in Alaska due to its wide range of species. It’s only possible to access Denali National park by one road private vehicles can access the first 14 miles of its 92-mile length through the north country as the park road descends after crossing.

The savage river bridge only shuttles and tour buses traverse it there are numerous points to visit within the park including the island visitor center polychrome pass wonder lake and cantina at the townsite.


This lovely state capital is located near the Gaston out channel as you walk along its small lanes you’ll discover a mix of ancient stores modern structures and quaint residences going back to when the region was initially established for gold mining.

snow covered mountain during daytime

The glacier tourist hall stands on the town’s northern side on a pathway leading to the magnificent sites of the glacier adjacent cascades and a thick rainforest with animal encounters like bears and eagles several sea life cruises offer passengers to witness creatures such as humpbacks and killer whales and wildlife trips.


Fairbanks Alaska’s biggest town is bisected by the Chena River to witness this stunning lightning display you must abandon the city lights and travel into the countryside.

Fairbanks, Alaska: Midnight Lights & Magical Culture

It is the launching point for journeys to the Yukon river, The Brooks Mountain range The Arctic Coastal Plains, and The Arctic Ocean additional diversions in the region include traveling to the Aurora ice museum.

The world’s biggest year-round ice habitat and venturing on sledding annually the city celebrates the Fairbanks summer arts festival which features art music dancing and theater over two weeks.


Anchorage Alaska’s commercial hub is situated east of the spectacular Chugach mountains. Anchorage is rooted in rich traditional and cultural backgrounds

Anchorage’s vast fauna and wildlife along with its breathtaking terrain make it the ideal place for discovering firsthand the tremendous wildlife of the beautiful mountains that also overwhelm Anchorage moose bears, mountain goats, lynx, and different bird species are found here in their natural habitats.

Anchorage | Alaska, United States | Britannica

A rental bike from bicycle rentals will be a great option to explore the city which is expanded to several miles the botanical garden’s colorful summer foliage is a must-see the Anchorage marketplace and different organized festivals.

Alaska’s oldest marketplace offers healthy food handicrafts gifts apparel and other products the yearly arranged summer solstice festival Alaska’s botanical gardens colorful summer foliage and the anchorage run-fest are prominent summer attractions in Anchorage.


The City of Seward serves as a gateway to the stunning Kanai fjords nature reserve which features fjords and woods filled with species such as brown bears, mountain goats, and otters.

You can see erupting mountains and breaching whales up high the visitors here can also go on a paddle around the coastline. Seward is a great place to explore if you’re searching for a place that has a tiny bit of everything.

boats on dock under cloudy sky during daytime

Alaska seems to deliver the Seward highway meanders across this stunning Alaskan nature which is easy to access from Anchorage. It offers spectacular landscapes of the Turnagain Arm coastlines,

The tall rugged hills of the Chugach alps waterfalls azure-colored cliffs and shimmering valley ponds moose eagles and wolves are just a few of the animals you may spot throughout the trip.

The beautiful shores of the resurrection channel populated with humpback whales, orcas, and sea lions begin to appear as you approach seaward and bald eagles could be spotted flying across the clouds and sitting on top of a branch.

Alaskan Native Heritage Center

The Alaskan Native Heritage Center is famous worldwide for presenting cultural music persons and artwork in addition to providing an overview of the lives of Alaska’s 11 principal cultural groups.

Alaska Native Heritage Center - Favorite Places in Alaska

Here visitors explore Alaska’s background and civilization while enjoying diverse artworks created in the state a city tour of the Anchorage educates visitors more about the city’s culture and traditions which features traditional dance athletics and art exhibitions.

This cultural museum also promotes involvement options in its organized programs and functions. The visitors can also participate and can represent their art culture and talent. The Anchorage museum also offers a bus service from its central tourist destination on hot days for visitors’ comfort.


Skagway is located on the northern end of a fjord and compact city in southeast Alaska. The klondike gold rush national historic park is one of the popular attractions here nearby.

Skagway, Alaska - Wikipedia

The capital of The Yukon route railroad offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover the interior’s spectacular peaks meadows glaciers and waterfalls visiting the graveyard which is home to bandits gold miners and cultural icons.

As well as one of the many musical bars for a drink is a good option to discover more about the park’s origins taking a guided trip conducted by a national park service ranger.

Visitors can also participate in outdoor nature activities in addition to interior activities climbers can traverse the mountainous region connecting Skagway and Canada on the Chilcote pass trail in southeast Alaska, in contrast, many others can enjoy flight scene paddling canoeing dog sledding as well as other adventures.

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