19 Best Weekend Getaways In the USA You Must Try

Are you considering organizing some fun weekend trips in the USA? Then stop looking now! This list of the top stay-cations in the USA is chock-full of interesting cities, state and national parks, and everything in between.

Every traveler on our list will find a fun weekend getaway in the United States, we promise. The USA is a sizable nation with a wide variety of environments, cities, and inhabitants. The next time you’re looking for a weekend break, it will be really simple to find something enjoyable to do in the United States.

There is a place in the USA that offers the kind of vacation you’re searching for, whether you love days spent trekking or browsing museums and shopping. You’ll find lots of weekend getaways in the USA on this list to take into account when making your next trip arrangements.

We chose our top road trips, major cities, state parks, and national parks, and we believe you’ll enjoy them as well.

So let’s look at the top weekend getaways in the USA for all kinds of tourists!

19 Best Weekend Getaways In the USA You Must Try

1. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, is one of the top places in the USA for weekend getaways. There is plenty to do here, and it is full of culture and history. San Antonio, which was first established as a Spanish mission in 1718, has expanded to become the second-largest city in Texas.

A trip along the San Antonio River Walk is a must. This is the hub of action for the city, and there are many eateries, stores, museums, and parks close by. Visit the Alamo Mission as well, without fail. The Texans and the Mexican army engaged in a memorable combat and standoff here in 1836.

The Cathedral of San Fernando, the Spanish Governor’s Palace, the Tower of the Americas, and La Villita Historic Arts Village are other sights to take in during your weekend visit.

We really hope you liked reading about these unique weekend trips in the USA. There are many distinctive cities, tiny villages, and everything in between in the United States. We firmly believe that any traveler may find the ideal destination on this list for a USA weekend break.

2. Stowe, Vermont

Stowe, Vermont

One of the sweetest tiny villages on the East Coast is Stowe. This is among the top USA vacations for the fall, so check it out! One of the greatest spots in the USA to see autumn foliage is here. You’ll snap many pictures, especially at the famous white church.

Wintertime in this region transforms it into the “Ski Capital of the East.” You can hit the slopes at a bunch of fantastic ski resorts! Add Stowe to your list if you’re seeking private romantic vacations in the USA! You may cuddle up whether you stay at a resort or rent a cottage.

During one of the most boring times of the year, hiking, skiing, museums, performances, and colorful autumn displays will keep you occupied.

3. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

The largest city in the midwest and one of the top weekend getaway destinations in the USA is Chicago. There are so many family-friendly activities in this area, including top-notch museums and lovely parks.

Take in views of the breathtaking skyline, which is a blend of ancient and modern construction, as you stroll along the river. Consider going to the Willis Tower’s Skydeck for breathtaking panoramic views. From a glass box 1,353 feet in the air, you’ll be able to see the city!

Chicago is renowned for its dining options and retail options. Settle yourself with a Chicago deep-dish pizza before exploring the posh stores along the Magnificent Mile. You must check out one if you go during the winter.

4. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe, is a fantastic weekend destination in the United States. The city has a rich past that has influenced its vibrant art and cultural environment.

The Places of the Governors provide tours of old Spanish neighborhoods where you may discover more about the city’s past. Alternatively, visit the Loretto Chapel to take in its Gothic design.

The Museum of International Folk Art and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum are great for art lovers. Additionally, Santa Fe offers several outstanding eateries that melt the city’s various cultures.

Santa Fe is one of the best weekend getaways in the United States if you want to explore the natural beauty of the South West.

5. Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado is home to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. They make a great weekend getaway in Colorado for anybody wishing to enjoy the great outdoors.

In Estes Park, there are a tonne of activities available, such as touring the Stanley Hotel, whitewater rafting, and driving the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway. Spend the day at Rocky Mountain National Park discovering the magnificent outdoors.

You can enjoy a tonne of hiking and mountain biking paths. Drive down the beautiful Trail Ridge Road if you’d choose to do so. Elk and other wildlife may be viewed there as well. It’s a good idea to spend a weekend touring Rocky Mountain, National Park, and Estes Park.

6. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

One of Georgia’s top cities for a weekend vacation is Atlanta. The capital city of Georgia has a tonne of great things to do and see. The Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, and the World of Coca-Cola are some of Atlanta’s most well-known tourist destinations.

Historical sites may be found in the city. The Atlanta History Centre and the National Centre for Civil and Human Rights are located there.

The city is home to some of the most fascinating Black history locations because it was where Martin Luther King Jr. was born. The birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. is open for exploration, and there is a sizable visitors center there as well. Discovering Atlanta is a terrific way to spend a weekend in the United States.

7. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island is one of the most quaint beach communities in the US. Additionally, it’s one of the best weekend escapes. An island in Lake Huron in the Midwest is called Mackinac Island. The island’s own rich history provides for a really distinctive holiday.

The only modes of transportation on the island are walking bicycling, and horse-drawn carriages. The island is teeming with historical monuments and museums, including the Mackinac Lighthouse.

You may wander down the main street and discover interesting stores, mouthwatering eateries, and art galleries. One of the most romantic weekend destinations in the USA is Mackinac Island.

8. New York City, New York

New York City

Everyone should get to experience the enchantment of New York City at least once, just like in Washington, D.C. Don’t worry if you’ve come previously and prefer to avoid Times Square. Near New York City, there are a tonne of odd things to do that aren’t near Times Square.

You can browse the shelves of a French bookshop or go to a sizable Italian market. Visit the Morgan Library, the Catacombs beneath St. Patrick’s Basilica, or the MET Cloisters if you’re seeking one-of-a-kind historical encounters.

Couples may enjoy romantic activities, Broadway performances, and a host of other attractions in New York, making it an appealing weekend getaway destination in the USA. You can stay in one of the many excellent rental properties in NYC.

9. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington

Go to Seattle, Washington, for the best three-day weekend. Seattle is well renowned for its coffee, its vibrant art community, and the home of grunge.

Seattle has a lot to offer even if you don’t enjoy any of these things. You’ll discover that you adore the city after three days of exploring it. You should be careful to complete a few tasks throughout your three-day visit. Getting a cup of coffee from one of the many coffee shops is one of those things.

You should go to the original Starbucks if you don’t mind standing in queue for a while. We advise seeing Capitol Hill, Fremont, the Space Needle, and Pike Place Market. The Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum must be on your schedule if you enjoy art.

There are other additional museums that are devoted to Seattle’s history, musical heritage, and visual arts. Weekend getaways to Seattle are fantastic. Many of the top West Coast road journeys can be started in Seattle, which makes it a terrific starting place.

10. Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Visit Utah’s Zion National Park if you’re seeking an outdoor experience. Any time of year, you may go to the park and have a lovely vacation. Zion National Park is much more beautiful and less popular in the winter.

Amazing walks like the Zion Narrows are available there. You may also drive through the park in a picturesque manner and stop virtually anywhere you wish.

You may observe the stars without interruption while camping in a park. On a clear night, the sky is illuminated and teeming with stars since there are no lights from surrounding cities. During your enjoyable USA weekend break, stay in a neighboring cabin in Utah.

11. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital should be seen by everyone at least once. Every kind of traveler will find something to enjoy in Washington, D.C. Some of the biggest and greatest museums in the country are located in the capital city.

This is one of the less expensive weekend destinations in the USA because many of them are free to visit and explore. Additionally, there are significant cultural sites including the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Capitol.

The Washington Monument, memorials to most of our presidents, and memorials from each major conflict the United States has engaged in are all located in Washington, D.C. History enthusiasts will love their trip to the United States.

There is a thriving food scene in D.C. You may obtain meals from all over the world in this city because it is the location of several foreign embassies. Additionally, there are traditional dishes from Washington, D.C., such as wings with Mumbo sauce, “half-smokes,” and more.

There are several enjoyable activities and sights to enjoy in Washington, D.C.

12. Florida Keys Road Trip

Florida Keys Road Trip

This road trip from Miami to the Florida Keys is a fantastic opportunity to see some of Florida’s top attractions. You could complete the journey in four hours, but we advise taking your time and staying on the road for a day or two.

You’ll get to explore much of southern Florida on the roughly 166-mile journey. The trip’s highlights include Little Havana exploration, lunch and shopping in Downtown Miami, and more.

View sculptures made almost entirely of coral at the Coral Castle Museum. Without going to Everglades National Park, a journey to Florida isn’t complete. Key Largo, Islamorada, a dolphin research facility, and a turtle hospital are all places you’ll travel through.

The picturesque Seven Mile Bridge crossing to access the different Keys is one of the nicest aspects of the road trip. Florida may be explored in an incredible way by taking a vacation from Miami to the Florida Keys. It is one of the top road excursions on the East Coast and one of the best weekend vacations in the United States.

13. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway lies a stunning city called Asheville, North Carolina. It is among the prettiest communities in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The two things that Asheville is most known for. The first is the 1895-built Biltmore Estate, a private home.

People visit this real-life Downton Abbey-style residence from all across the nation. They have excursions available and a little hamlet with upscale stores and eateries.

Asheville’s reputation as “Beer City USA” is what makes it famous for the second thing. The honour belongs to Asheville, which boasts more than 26 breweries.

It’s a fantastic city to explore for beer enthusiasts. In addition, the city offers a wine and cheese tour, fantastic restaurants, and a thriving art scene. The fact that it is tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains means that there are several chances for outdoor experiences.

Everyone will enjoy a weekend trip to Asheville, North Carolina, in the United States. Add a car trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway to make this one of the top three-day trips in the USA.

14. Oregon Coast Road Trip

Oregon Coast Road Trip

The Oregon Coast Road Trip is one of our favorite road adventures. It’s a lovely way to take advantage of Oregon’s charming seaside towns, sand and cliffside beaches, and amazing climbs. You will adore all the wonderful stops along the road.

You should visit Cape Blanco State Park and Port Orford, the oldest village on the Oregon Coast. You’ll pass lovely lighthouses, quaint tiny villages like Seaside, and the Dunes National Recreation Area on the route.

One of the most reasonably priced romantic vacations in the USA might be a drive down the Oregon coast. It’s a stunning and tranquil region of the nation that is begging to be discovered.

15. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

Even though Los Angeles is a large city, two days there might turn into a fantastic weekend. Plan to spend your days sightseeing and wandering across the city because there is a lot to do. In two days, you’ll be able to see all that’s important.

For additional vacation ideas, be sure to look at our list of the top resorts on the West Coast! While there, visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Griffith Observatory, and take a stroll along Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive to take in the views.

You’ll also have time to see Little Tokyo and the Arts District, take in a tasty supper in China Town, and explore the Santa Monica Pier. One of the top weekend getaways in the United States, a weekend in Los Angeles is a frenzy of enjoyable activities!

16. Grand Canyon Road Trip

Grand Canyon Road Trip

We recommend a Grand Canyon Road Trip for people looking for longer, more adventurous weekend getaways in the United States. One of the finest weekend getaways in Arizona is this one!

Whether you decide to begin your road trip in Phoenix or Las Vegas, we have the ideal schedule to make the most of your vacation. Both Phoenix and Las Vegas are pretty wonderful places, so if you have the time, think about spending a day there.

The Valley of Fire State Park, the Hoover Dam, and of course the Grand Canyon are highlights of the Grand Canyon Road Trip. A number of science fiction films, including Total Recall and Star Trek Generations, were filmed in Valley of Fire State Park.

On the way to your destination, make a stop at the Hoover Dam, a renowned man-made edifice. Investigate the top Grand Canyon trails to round off your journey. You may easily connect to other southwest road excursions if you wish to extend your weekend journey.

For your trip, you could possibly like one of the top resorts in Arizona!

17. Coastal Maine Road Trip

Coastal Maine Road Trip

The Coastal Maine Road Trip is an excellent option for anyone seeking a leisurely New England trip. No matter what time of year you choose to come, the Maine coast is stunning. But the summer and autumn seasons are particularly lovely.

You’ll pass through some of Maine’s greatest tiny towns and beaches as you travel down the coast. Ogunquit Beach, Kennebunkport, Cape Elizabeth, and Portland are among the excursion’s highlights.

If you have leisure for a long weekend, this is a fantastic weekend trip in the United States, but it can also be completed in two days. You may discover miles of stunning sandy beaches at Ogunquit Beach.

Kennebunkport is a popular tourist destination and is particularly well-known for its extensive sandy beaches. Some of Maine’s most beautiful lighthouses may be seen at Cape Elizabeth and Portland.

In the USA, it’s ideal for romantic anniversary vacations.

18. New Orleans, Louisana

New Orleans, Louisana

Consider visiting New Orleans if you’re seeking a southern metropolis that knows how to party. NOLA is a bustling city with a rich history and legacy of Black people, incredible cuisine, and exciting nightlife.

Three days in New Orleans are all it takes to feel like you’ve seen the city’s highlights. We advise taking the time to engage in activities that will help you remember the city’s past.

Enjoy Jackson Square’s street entertainers, go on a Voodoo or ghost tour, or ride a streetcar. There are lovely neighborhoods in the city where you may take in the local architecture, browse antique shops, or discover the jazz heritage of the area.

There is something for everyone in New Orleans! The whole family will have the best time on this weekend getaway in the USA!

19. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, is one of the most intriguing weekend getaways in the United States since there are so many entertaining things to do there. There are fantastic eateries and coffee shops for foodies.

Take one of Savannah’s iconic ghost tours if you enjoy haunting history. Additionally, it’s a lovely southern city to stroll through and visit.

Savannah genuinely has something to fascinate everyone, as you’ll discover. There are lovely streets, historical structures you may see, and distinctive shops. It is also a very romantic city, which makes it well-liked by honeymooners and couples.

20. The Hamptons, New York

Consider staying in the Hamptons if you want a beach vacation. A well-known beach area in Long Island, New York, is called The Hamptons. The affluent and famous of New York City frequently travel there for beach vacations.

But don’t let that discourage you—fun weekend trips in the Hamptons are accessible to everyone, regardless of income. The Hamptons are made up of a number of municipalities, each of which attracts distinct kinds of tourists.

However, you’ll find lots of entertainment wherever you choose to stay. Amazing restaurants, unique clubs and pubs, and a bustling art scene are all there.

Of course, if you get tired of all that, you can still relax on a lovely Long Island beach. One of the greatest weekend destinations on the East Coast is the Hamptons!

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