One of the best things about travelling the world is being able to try some of the most amazing food from countries around the world

Today we are sharing the 11 best foods around the world

So our first favorite food from around the world is –

Ramen from Japan

cooked food on white ceramic bowl

If you are eager to dive into the more luscious flavors of Asia head to the Japanese cuisine Ramen this noodle dish can be partnered with lots of different types of meat and vegetables but you can also find them on every corner of Japan .

Hot pot in China

One of the best meals to have when in China has to be their amazing hot pot to begin with choose your broth you may stick to a clear soup or go for a sesame and soy sauce, black soup or even get a spicy Sichuan broth.

round black ceramic bowl on wooden table

Next choose your meats seafood and veg ready to cook in the soup in many Chinese restaurants around the country you can find various different sources for you to choose from as a dipping sauce for your food.

Grilled cheese in the USA

white ceramic square plate with vegetable salad

Now our next one is a family favorite grilled cheese in the USA who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich this classic American sandwich became popular in the united states during the 1920s.

When it was prepared open-faced nowadays you can find this melted goodness topped with all sorts of meats and sauces in cafes and restaurants across America

Baguettes from France

3 Classic French Baguette Sandwiches - Unpeeled Journal

When you think of Baguettes you obviously think of France the long light but crispy bread dates back to the 19th century and is a staple for visitors and residents in France whilst in the country visit the bakeries early in the morning to get a fresh stick of bread for breakfast.

Fish and Chips from England

After a hopefully warm day at the British seaside there is nothing better than tucking into a good portion of fish and chips get yourself a battered cod or haddock sprinkle too much salt and vinegar over your greasy chips and enjoy.

Green Curry from Thailand

One of the most amazing things about traveling in Thailand is the green Thai curry the curry isn’t as spicy as other options but tastes delicious and is always fresh definitely a must in Thailand.

Quesadillas from Mexico

Everyone has their favorite Mexican dish but nothing tops the quesadilla this simple flower or corn tortilla filled with cheese meats and beans is a staple across the country.

And a must try for travelers plus it is fast becoming one of the most famous foods in the world so you can experience it in destinations across the globe.

Fur from Vietnam

If you have visited Vietnam or seen photos of the bustling cities in Vietnam chances are you have seen a hot steaming bowl of fur

Vietnamese food: 40 delicious dishes to try in Vietnam | CNN Travel

This Vietnamese noodle soup is a comfort food for locals and a unique flavor for western visitors most often served with chicken or beef broth.

You can find varieties of this traditional dish all over the country and no two versions will taste the same.

Paella from Spain originally from Valencia

Seafood Paella Recipe

This Paella dish can be found across Spain and is a must try for visitors the national rice dish is typically served with vegetables saffron and seafood or meat sometimes it can be served with chicken rabbit or duck

Biryani from India

Biryani Dos and Don'ts: Follow THESE chef approved ways to make a perfect  biryani | PINKVILLA

This northern Indian classic dish is enjoyed by many throughout the world the rice based dish includes spices meats eggs and vegetables with some restaurants offering biryani with nuts dried fruit or yogurt included as well.

Humble Greek salad from Greece

vegetable salad on white ceramic bowl

Now i am a big lover of feta cheese so this is partly why this made it to the list brutal though it is found in many places around the world nothing beats trying a Greek salad in Athens

This traditional Greek dish is not only delicious but also healthy and is definitely worth eating when visiting Greece.

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