Viennese inhabitants, Vienna Austria

As autumn and harvest time arrive in Vienna, Viennese inhabitants spend the last moments of their summer, and for the next few weeks to drink and eat in the sun, thousands of people flock to the vineyards within the city limits. head to Guests are Heurigen (a word that describes both young wine and the business itself) and Buschenschanken. The latter must pour their own wine made from local grapes, and must identify themselves with a pine, spruce, or fir branch on a sign (this tradition is probably attributed to the It dates back to the Middle Ages, marking the cellars where townspeople could attach pine branches to obtain wine). Vienna has about 580 hectares of vineyards and 145 wineries. Until the 1970s, people brought their own food to Heurigen. Today, instead, you can buy selected products such as cheeses, meats and pickles and enjoy a wide range of Viennese wines. “Heurige is like Wiener Schnitzel,” says Laura Sheibal. Laura Sheibal took over the management of Heurige, which he called Der Hirt, this year along with several partners. “It’s in the heart of the Viennese.”