8 Of The Cheapest Cities You Must Visit In Europe

European vacations aren’t known for being easy on the wallet. But there are many ways to make your dream trip without selling an organ. If you know how to organize your trip, you can save a lot of money while having a great experience. These cities have so much to do and see. You’ll wonder why they weren’t on the bucket list before. They are full of history, nightlife, and culture.   The Cheapest Cities In Europe To Visit Yes, it is perfectly possible to visit the beautiful, cultural, and exciting cities of Europe even if the exchange rates are not very favorable. Enjoy beautiful Mediterranean beaches, enjoy delicious Spanish tapas, and marvel at several German castles. All without breaking the bank. Here are some of Europe’s most exciting and beautiful destinations for budget-savvy travelers.  1. Budapest, Hungary Budapest is one of the most historic cities in the world. The city is full of cultural, historical, and beautiful attractions. A perfect blend of old world and modern, it’s literally a stunning piece of architecture. Soak in beautiful Turkish baths with views of centuries-old architecture, or visit the medicinal hot springs of the city (and throughout Hungary). Budapest is considered the cheapest holiday destination in Europe because the Hungarian forint is so cheap that you can really spend your money here. For about US$60 (or €50), you can enjoy a hotel room, dinner for two, a bottle of wine, and a cup of coffee. If you’re going to a museum or a concert, you may have to spend a little more, but if you had the same experience in, say, London or Paris, you’d pay him three times that amount (if not more). will pay.  2. Porto, Portugal Porto is one of the cheapest ‘tourist traps’ in Europe. You can hardly spend days eating and drinking in this beautiful city. I’m usually a big fan of the tourist buses that take you around the city’s sights, but Aporto is a very walkable city and much better explored on foot. If you’re tired (or it’s raining), you can hail an Uber. Prices are very reasonable. With so much to do for free, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of this city, with amazing parks, beautiful scenery, and plenty of art and culture.   3. Athens, Greece A beautiful metropolis of great cultural and historical value. In Greece, where the economy is collapsing, your money goes a long way in this wonderful city. Greeks are famous for their hospitality and food. Check out the Acropolis or drive to Monastiraki, known for iconic landmarks such as the ruins of Hadrian’s Library. Pro tip:Direct flights to Athens can be expensive, but if you’re going to a nearby airport from another European city, you can find airfare for half the cost.   4. Prague, Czech Republic This little gem of a city isn’t big, but it’s likely to become one of your favorite cities to work in, and it’s a bold statement. Filled with stunning views, delicious food, and affordable accommodation, you’ll have a hard time leaving the city. Prague has plenty of late-night bars and nightlife, perfect for college backpackers. Plus, you can indulge in historic beauty and natural charm without breaking the bank. Prague is full of cheap places to eat, including surprisingly cheap beer. There is plenty of public art to admire, including the famous and controversial David Cerny sculpture.  5. Valencia, Spain This beautiful Spanish city offers similar prices to well-known ones for a quarter of the price. Valencia has an iconic food market known as Valencia Central Market. A stroll through this large market will give you a real sense of how valences come to life. Or just sit on the beach and relax. Valencia has many beaches that are pristine and uncrowded by tourists. Valencia also has plenty of opportunities for shopping therapy. Many barrios and neighborhoods host their own street markets once a week. At these markets, you can find many special pieces with the most unique looks.  6. Edinburgh, United Kingdom Britain is notorious for its exorbitant prices, but if you want British luxury without the price tag, head to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the most visited city in the UK outside of London. There are so many cool things that are free. Get outdoors and hike to Arthur’s Seat for spectacular views. Visit the National Museum of Scotland, where perhaps the first successful clone (Dolly the Sheep) is kept. Admission to the museum is free and perfect for rainy days. Also, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you might know J.K. Rowling lives in Edinburgh and many of his films and films are inspired by this wonderful city. Join Harry Potter on his tour and make your dream of becoming a wizard come true.  7. Istanbul, Turkey  Yes, I know there is a bit of debate about whether Istanbul counts in Europe or Asia, but why not both? Istanbul is a completely different world. The clash of Asian and European cultures has made the city one of the most exciting cities in the world. With its beautiful architecture and culture, not to mention delicious Turkish cuisine, this city should be on everyone’s wish list. Explore the Grand Bazaar, one of the world’s oldest and largest markets, and wander its winding streets in search of bargains. Istanbul is incredibly cheap, with lots of free things to do and street food. The city has room for every budget.   8. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic Prague is by far the most popular tourist destination in the Czech Republic, so you’ve probably never heard of the city. But there’s a lot to see in this charming city. The city is full of beautiful streets, castles, and old buildings. From hotels to grocery stores to restaurants, basically, everything in this city is affordable, making it one of the cheapest cities in Europe. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale town from a Disney movie.